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  • hey i just got done putting my body lift said you had to trim for the 33's? how much trimming was involved and where in the wheel well?
    thanks, I'm pretty nervous about the change though. My bike is a 01 suzuki bandit 1200 (gsf1200s). I like the bike but I am ready for a new one, or make this one a little faster! No, I like the speed and handling, but I want something a little more comfortable for longer rides. Nothings better the a few hundred miles of back roads on a bike.
    I didn't realize you moved to PA. I lived in Maryland for 2 years and I didn't switch anything because i planed on moving back to DE. I also didnt want the hassle. I start my new job on mon.! I'll be making $5 per hour more, but I don't think I'll be able to use the shop for personal jobs. I've been riding my bike every day with this beautiful weather we've had.(my truck is also curently missing the pass. side window!)
    Huhwhat?? Since when are we going to Rc this weekend?! I thought it was the 26-27th??
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Villanova grad, born and raised in NYC and now living in PA.

Baseball & football, working out/bodybuilding, fighting fire, workin' on the truck & offroading, photography sometimes
April 4, 1986 (Age: 38)
City, State
Willow Grove, PA
Year, Model & Trim Level
'97 XLT
Vehicle Specs
Glorified data entry by day, volunteer firefighter



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"These good times will never last, keep your hand on the wheel and your foot on the gas."