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02 sensor

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    02 sensors

    I’ve got a check engine light and the scanner says it’s running lean. The person that helped me said it’s probably an 02 sensor, I’ve never fixed that and I was told that you can clean them sometimes? Does anyone know if that’s a possibility or if you have to replace them? And if you have to...
  2. Z

    4.6l error need help

    I'm a new be here But I have a 2002 explorer 4.6l xlt Keep getting a 430 CODE. Below threshold bank 2 Rich on both. And idle is 1473 I Changed the 2 down steam 02 sensors and the code continues every 80 miles Any help very welcome. I believe this issue isn't the cat system as code states.
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    Crazy Mileage drop, o2 sensor?

    Hey, Im new to the forum, but I have been having some issues with my X. Just got her about 3 weeks ago, 4.6 V8 '05. 150kms. I drove down to my hometown (about 1200km roundtrip) and parked for the night, took my parents truck to Detroit, when I returned the next day, and got in it and headed...
  4. S

    96 Explorer Engine code need help

    Ok so I ran it with an OBD II and it came up as P0136, and after researching it I believe it's the Bank 1 Sensor 2. My check engine light comes on and goes off frequently. I need some advice on how easy of a fix it is, and maybe a step by step run through of it because I've never changed out an...
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    running rich, code 42, does not switch

    code 42-exhaust gas oxygen(ego) sensor: voltage signal always "rich"(high value)-does not switch. so i have nearly fixed my 91 explorer, all thats left is a code 42. i replaced nearly all my sensors(including a brand new 02 sensor), did a compression test on the engine, and my obd1 scanner...