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1991 explorer

  1. 9

    Front Differential cover gasket leak

    All right I just Installed a 2" lift, no problems. But when I jacked it back up the next day to change the tie rod ends I noticed that I had oil POURING out of my front differential. I used the jack points I've always used and had the jack stands in the same place. I'm trying to figure out A...
  2. B

    1991 explorer XLT 4x4

    I've had this 91 exploder for a while now. I've had other 4x4 vehicles but all the work has been done before I got them. I've decided that since the 91X has always been a good dependable ride, that it deserves some attention. I'm goin to be swapping the auto hubs for manual here in the next...
  3. O

    1999 Explorer has a gas smell

    Didn't notice when test driving, but my 1999 Explorer has a gas smell when driving, just a few drips underneath. Runs great...thinking I made a big mistake here?? Never owned an Explorer before. Please advise me where to start.
  4. A

    spark plug replacement

    i'm curious about spark plug replacement - and how often it should be done for older vehicles. Specifically my Explorer is 22 with almost all original parts. I'm only the 2nd owner and it's been in good care since 2006. in general spark plug replace is at 20K. i'm only at 17k and i've got a...
  5. D

    Keyless Entry Help

    Okay, so I'm working on installing a keyless entry system on my 1991 Ford Explorer but the aftermarket keyless entry system instructions give me no help simply wiring diagrams. My main problem at the moment is that it looks as if it shows me how to install The wires but it shows me 2 different...
  6. S

    truck won't engage drive gears

    this my second explorer i had it for 7 months the engine don't over heat but when i drive for it for to long the trans drip really bad once all the trans fluid dripped out and i push it a few blocks to the store got some trans fluid and made it home that trans fluid dripped out also i waited a...
  7. N

    running rich, code 42, does not switch

    code 42-exhaust gas oxygen(ego) sensor: voltage signal always "rich"(high value)-does not switch. so i have nearly fixed my 91 explorer, all thats left is a code 42. i replaced nearly all my sensors(including a brand new 02 sensor), did a compression test on the engine, and my obd1 scanner...
  8. N

    large split in the muffler and backfiring.

    so i finally got my truck up and running, but on the test drive there was a loud back fire, driving back home it kept back firing, several times idling at lights and about 5-8 back fires upon accel before i reach 25 mph. i also noticed a huge power loss. checked under the car and theres a large...
  9. T

    Wanted Brush Guard/Bull guard for a 1991 Explorer

    I am looking to buy a bull guard/Brush guard whatever you wanna call it. For a 1991 explorer. I want to give my explorer more of a mean look to it, then what it looks like at the moment. I don't be cheap, but i don't want it to be too expensive. Like $300 max. If anyone has one they would...
  10. T

    Wanted 1st gen Explorer grille

    I am looking to buy a 1991 explorer grille because the previous asshat owner painted the girlle rattlecan green and it's starting to chip. If anyone can help me out for cheap it'd be much appreciated! :)
  11. 1

    Are my "rpms" too high?

    I have a 1991 ford explorer 4x4 all standard. With an automatic transmission. I travel everyday in the highway which is 70 mph. I mostly go 65 mph and my rpms stay at 3,000 rpms if I stay at that speed. 55 mph is 2,500 rpms. Is this normal? Increase speed rpms increase. 70 mph 3,500 rpms. I...
  12. rednecksoldier

    dana 30 straight axle

    Hey guys i have a dana 30 straight axle out of a 1989 jeep cherokee. I want to do an sas on my 1991 explorer. Has anyone ever done this and if so what all did you have to fabricate.