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  1. P

    Check Engine Light finally solved

    The check engine light comes on after a few minutes of driving. Turning the key off, then starting turns off the CEL for a few minutes. The engine revs smoothly up to 4100 rpm then stumbles there, then smoothes out above that toward red line. KOEO Codes: 111, 214, 542...
  2. Indispensable Explorer

    Check Engine Light with Code 214.

    When I started my Explorer this afternoon(4.0 OHV with 300k) I saw the dreaded Check Engine light. The light came on about a year ago but went off before I could check the engine. I popped the hood and used a paper clip to check the codes, 633(Vehicle must be in 2x4 high or 4x4 high. My gem...
  3. mfitz725

    Code confusion

    My 94 Exp was giving codes 172 and 176. I replaced the o2 sensors and now get 172 and 214. Can anyone help me?