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audio swap

  1. E

    What size Speakers?

    What size speakers are in the doors on my 99 ford explorer xlt 4 Door?
  2. G

    Installing An Aftermarket CD Player In A 94 Ford Explorer with Factory Amp

    I need help putting in an aftermarket CD player in my car. I just bought it and it didn't have a radio. I know this car is the model with the factory amp because I found it when I had to repair a hack job where someone cut the speaker wires that go to the amp and wired them with their own. I cut...
  3. CaptainComet

    Are there any later factory radios that will swap into my 98 Ex?

    Hi all, Just got a really nice low-mileage 98 Sport. It has the Premium dual media system with RDS, no sub, 6 disc changer, and the rear seat controls in the console. The audio display does not work... I did a search about this, and I am sure that a bunch of you out there are saying...