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body exterior

  1. J

    Reattaching Lower Body Trim

    Earlier this week I blew a tire on the interstate and when it happened it also ripped out this lower plastic trim from the body of the truck. It looks like it was only riveted on, but I'm not sure how to get to them due to the nature of the piece. Any suggestions? Thanks, J.J.
  2. T

    Tip for Replacing Body Panels

    Hopefully this can help someone, I learned this just recently after being hit in my explorer. So anyway, I found out that between 95, 96, and 97, the paint and pinstripes on explorers change from car to car, between two 96's the Eddie Bauer pinstripe was about a half inch off from the other...
  3. M

    Wanted Rocker Panels Needed for a 01 SportTrac

    Hi all! My 01 SportTrac has been attacked by the "rust monster" and is in need of left and right rocker panels. Does anyone know where I can get these? Thanks and Happy Easter to everyone! :us:
  4. L

    Body parts interchange question.

    I have 2000 X Limited. Was in a small Fender/Grill/Hood altercation this weekend. Found this site and joined (great site by the way). Here's my question-what year(s)/models will fit a 2000 X Limited if one was going to the recycle yard to look for replacement Hood/Grill/and left front Fender...
  5. D

    Help with plastic trim

    Need help with body trim on my '98 Sport. Today I'm pulling the trim panels off of my Ex. My concern is I haven't had them off and was wondering if there was a trick to it or just pull the screws and yank the s.o.b. off. My body is in excellent shape with the exception of the rockers and I want...
  6. A

    Fender Flares for 97-01 explorer sport

    Hey there. I am a new member. I have a 97 XLT and was wondering if anyone knew if you could somehow put the fender flares that come on a Sport onto a the 4-door XLT. It looks like there is that grey piece that runs along the bottom of the truck between the front and rear fender flare which...