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Body Work & Detailing

Waxing washing, wheel cleaning and body work. This is the place to discuss those topics.
Body Work 101 How I addressed the Rust on the Ford LD50 1st gen Rusty rocker panel bodywork - rockerpanel replacement How To: Recover your Center Console (10 Steps) Rear Door Vent Window Replacment Getting those plastic trims back to OEM black with pics How to: 1st Gen Gas Tank Fuel Pump Access Panel How to: - Remove and replace door latch assembly Custom colored ford emblems List of Bodywork Resources on the Net How to: Apply bed liner to your floor What is the best Billet Grille? A guide to modding your front end! Wiper motor shaving write up with pics Bumper bracket / rail end how to Creating with Fiberglass a Step by Step Guide by Drew Wilson
To begin Bondo is a product name for body filler. I am not a fan of Bondo products. I use Evercoat Rage Gold and Evercoat Metal Glaze. It is a far superior body filler.
I have seen some rear spoilers on various SUV's & I saw one on a Saleen Explorer on this forum. Anyone know where I might find one? Thnaks!
hey guys, i just got into an accident, and i bent my bumper a little. i dont feel like paying to get it fixed, so i want to pull it out straight so that my tires wont rub. i also need to know how hard it is to replace my 1/4 panel on the front driver side. any help would be great, thx.:redexp:
My 2021 Explorer Timberline came from the factory with black & chrome oval Ford emblems. Unfortunately my grill sustained some damage and the emblem is scratched. The problem is the auto repair shop ordered the part number listed for my vin and the only thing that comes up is the blue emblem. I have spoke with my local dealership, also the dealership I bought the vehicle from, Ford parts customer service, as well as Ford regular customer service and no one can figure out how to order the black emblems that are standard on the Timberline. Has anyone else had this problem and successfully been able to obtain the correct emblems for their Timberline?
Jon! (Turdle) I know you already know all of this but I found it interesting... and I thought you're powdercoating oven was big! LoL
2000 Explorer XLT 2WD 4.0L SOHC JOB1 Engine. I've searched all of the parts houses... and online... but I cannot find Door Striker Bushings for the front doors. Everyone has the "Part Number 38424" kit that contains 2 bushings that fit the rear hatch. Nobody has bushings that fit the front doors. The bushing are: 7/16” ID - 9/16” OD - 13/16” L Who sells the? Thanks for your help.
If your center console is ripped, falling apart, etc. it is really quite easy and inexpensive to just recover it yourself. Step One: Remove the three screws at the bottom of the lid. Step Two: Find a nice area to work on. Step Three: Flip the lid over and remove all the screws and remove the black pastic lid. Step Four: Remove all the staples currently holding the vinyl on. Step Five: Remove the vinyl from the armrest. Step Six: Spread old vinyl over your new vinyl and trace. Step Seven: Cut relief cuts near the front edges. Step Eight: Start on one side and staple the edge down. Then stretch over to the opposite side and staple again. Keep stretching to the opposite...
Hello, I have a 2004 XLT. I have noticed that while driving I just a consistent amount of noise, regardless of road conditions from the lift gate area. Like the door is slightly ajar. I believe I have read somewhere that this may be related to the cracked trim panel below the lift gate window (not sure how to check this). I was wondering if could be related in some way to tired hinges or similar? Any ideas? Thank you
Very happy with the 2018 Explorer but I thought the all white body was a bit much. So after getting quotes for both painting and wrapping the roof, I went ahead with the wrap alternative, using glossy black (Avery). It was much less expensive and it is reversible. I plan a proper photo shoot later, but here is an iPhone image from our garage: (lost photo) It was done by a local shop called "The Dip Doctor". Jacob
Just got a new 2018 Explorer, Base model V6. Want to replace the chrome front grill with a black one and after checking around on eBay, the black Police Interceptor Grill is about $350ish, while the black Grill for the Sport is about $500ish. Some of the "check compatibility" links using my VIN show it will work, while others say it will not. I called Fairway Ford in Ohio that sells parts on eBay and they said they sell quite a few of the Interceptor Grills and about 20% of them get returned as the customer said "it didn't fit", while 80% of people are keeping them. must be working somehow! lol I'm specifically looking at Part # FB5Z8200GB Any input? Thanks, John
Pretty quick video on how to install the front license plate mounting bracket and doing it WITHOUT any special tools, such as a plastic rivet gun:
Anyone have a detailed picture of what the rear doors look like so I know what to order to put it back as a personal vehicle? Not interested in speakers in the rear just want the door handle and locks to work for passengers in the back. What have people come up with that isn't so expensive for the center (horizontal) console with the arm rest? Ford wants over $1K for a new one.
Like many people, I had to do this project in my driveway with some basic tools. I have about $300 in the whole project, not including the tools. I bought full panels at $125 each on amazon. I have another $50 in paint, primer, rustproofing, undercoating (all aerosol spray cans). You can use something like duplicolor to match your paint color, but I chose to use a 2K epoxy aero primer with black chassis paint. It actually looks pretty good with the black plastic trim and its hard as nails. Angle Grinder w/Cutting Wheel Cordless Drill w/Wire Brush Attachments Demo Bar, Chisel Clamps, Vice Grips Rivet Tool and Rivets Rust Encapsulater Rustproofing or Undercoating Wet/Dry Sandpaper and Scuff Pads Paint and Primer Before After...
Recently purchased a 2013 Explorer XLT. I had the car washed a few days after purchase and then noticed this film/haze on the windshield which was not present when I bought the truck. In hindsight, I wanted to dry off the windshield upon getting back to the house and just grabbed the nearest towel to do so. That towel was one I have used in the past to wipe off gas and oil from our portable generator. So I think this may be some sort of oil or gas stain on the windshield. I have tried using dish soap, Goo Gone, and a couple other suggestions I have seen online, but nothing has worked to date. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations of how to remove this from the windshield? Thanks.
Hey all, I searched the threads here and watched some videos on youtube but I have a few remaining questions before I start. If I buy the full OEM rocker panel replacements (here) do I need the dog leg as well? The replacement looks like it includes the full dog leg except for just a bit at the top, which my explorer doesn't need. And since they are already painted, should I worry about repainting and properly clear-coating these pieces if I don't cut or scrape any paint off? Here's my plan: First I will cut out or scrape off all rust, and seal any exposed metal with Eastwood rust encapsulator. As you can see in my first image, an area on the "inner" rocker panel is deteriorating (or is it called the uniside? The large panel which the...
Door latch removal and replacement. I encountered this common problem on my 98 explorer and could not find a good how-to online. The symptoms I was experiencing were problems unlocking the door. To unlock the door I had to work the interior door handle while hitting the power button to get the door open. The power actuator on it's own would not unlock the door. The small spring in the latch assembly had broken, I re-bent it once but it broke a 2nd time so I decided to replace the latch assembly. My interior handle also broke leaving me unable to open the door. This removal and replacement can be done by the knowledgeable enthusiast, but if you have large hands with fat fingers you may struggle. The following procedure worked on my...