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brake upgrade

  1. New Brakes And Knuckels - Akebono - Jeep Grand Cherokee - Comparison

    New Brakes And Knuckels - Akebono - Jeep Grand Cherokee - Comparison

  2. New Brakes And Knuckels - Akebono - Jeep Grand Cherokee

    New Brakes And Knuckels - Akebono - Jeep Grand Cherokee

  3. J

    Gt500, or S550 mustang gt base 4 pot brakes

    How many of you guys would like to put the s197 gt500 or S550 base gt 4 piston caliper (with 13-14 gt500 14 inch rotors on your explorers? There's a guy I've been in contact with and he's not trying to do a mass production or make a ton of money but if he could get 5 or more people to join in it...
  4. aaron81006

    93 Explorer front brake upgrade - to do or not to do

    I have done a lot of research on upgrading the front brakes of my 93 Explorer with those from a 95 Ranger. I really like the idea of the dual calipers and larger rotors. TedJ's write-up "1st Gen 4wd to 95-97 Ranger Brake Swap Info/Parts List" does a pretty thorough job. Thanks Ted...
  5. firefly1246

    Explorer to Aviator front brake upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the front brakes on your explorer to the 13" rotors and slightly larger calipers from an aviator? I am about to do my front brakes and it looks like it should be bolt in as long as there are 17" or larger diameter wheels. The advantage would be going from a 12.07" to a 13"...
  6. malohnes

    D44 knuckles and brake options

    Looking at brake options for us 1st Gen Ploders and I am not so keen I'll be able to find all the parts I want from a suitable Ranger. So thinking perhaps the D44 knuckle might be better. Searching the forum did not yield much on this particular topic. Any thoughts as to what kind of brakes I...
  7. L

    Explorer Brake Upgrades

    Anyone do any upgrades yet? Slightly worried about messing with traction/decent control and anti sway. Would love bigger calipers, braided lines, and rotor upgrades. Thoughts?