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clutch pedal swap

  1. 5spdman

    clutch pedal shouldn't go to the floor.....

    fellow enthusiasts, i need your help!! okay, so just in the last week, my clutch pedal has wanted to go nearly to the floor before it does anything; feels like there's no pressure at all....and then it'll do something, but it's hard to change gears....got in it today, and it was almost...
  2. yostyexplorer94

    How to: Clutch Pedal Swap in a First Gen Explorer

    I just swapped in the clutch and brake pedals from a 1990 ford ranger into my 1994 ford explorer. They swapped easily and I did not remove the dash to install it in my explorer. Remove the e-clip Slide the clutch pedal over The clutch and brake pedals removed that will be swapped over...