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  1. BradR

    Nice Priced new door handles (2nd gen)

    You know those floppy door handles you get when the spring breaks? Has them for quite a nice price, I ordered 3 of them (2 for the mounty, 1 for Explorer) Here's a more direct link...
  2. G

    Question: Why do my exterior door handles unlock the doors?

    So here is the problem, I have power locks, I lock the doors see the buttons go down, I close the drivers side door and the button pops up just a hair, on passenger side the button stays down. From the outside I lift the handles and the button pops up and door opens. Any thoughts or suggestions...
  3. R

    Replacing exterior door handle on 2002 Explorer

    I recently replaced a broken exterior door handle on my 2002 Explorer XLS while also replacing the power window master switch. Below is a somewhat brief description of the door handle process. I was originally thinking that the door handle would be difficult, due to access, but it turned out...
  4. A

    1999 Door interchange 99

    I have a 1999 Explorer that needs a rear drivers side door. Can anyone tell me what years will interchange? The glass, inner panel, window motor, etc are all fine and can be reused. I just need the sheet metal shell and need to know what years interchange. I tried the search engine...
  5. F

    Rear Passenger Door Lock Issue

    I have searched the forums and have not found any post that exactly fits my issue, hoping someone could pinpoint it for me. My rear passenger door lock will not work properly. I took apart the door panel and checked the lever as well as the latch and both seem to work fine when using the...
  6. S

    2003 Exploder Eddie Bauer Multiple Electrical Problems

    There are a lot of things going on so I will try to be as brief as possible. I have a 2003 V6 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition and here are the things that are going wrong. 1. None of the power door locks work. 2. None of the key fob functions work. 3. The keyless entry keypad does not light and...
  7. red.EDDIE.4x4

    VERY squeeky door!

    ok well im not sure if this is the right section...but if not im sure a mod will move it for me. ive got a 93 eddie baur 4 door and for about...ah...2 months ive had a slight squeek when i open or close my drivers side door. and just recently its become really loud and quite...
  8. J

    Rear driver's side window keeps falling down & doesn't work.

    My rear drivers side window keeps falling down. You can hear the motor run when you press the button. It seems that it is not attached or something. Two questions... 1 . anyone have any ideas on the problem? 2 . how do I get the door panel off? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. W

    Compatible parts for 2001 Explorer Sport

    Does anyone know what years would be compatible with body parts on a 2001 Explorer Sport? (ex. 2001-2006 or 1995-2001). I'm looking to replace the driver door and want to know what my options are. Thanks a million!
  10. M

    Broken handle on the outside of the rear hatch.

    Hey, the handle for the back door on my 2003 explorer sport xlt is not opening my door at all. you can still pull it and it springs right back like its supposed to but I can tell that its just not catching on anything. I need to fix this problem. I cant even get my spare down without opening the...
  11. N

    Passenger Door Lock

    EDIT: this is solved Hey sorry new to the thread and new explorer Owner :thumbsup: Recently.. well just yesterday I picked up my first car from a dealer. '99 Ford Explorer. It was running great and everything worked except the rear wiper doesn't work. It didnt bother me to much. But now this...
  12. F

    Explorer problems

    I have several major problems with my 2000 Eddie Bauer Explorer; Transmission slips between 2nd and 3rd geare Only function that works on the keyless entry fob is to open the drivers door lock. All other doors don't funcion either remotely or manually using the door lock switches. The...
  13. Description for the sliding door latch diagram.

    Description for the sliding door latch diagram.

    This is the description for the Aerostar sliding door latch diagram. The break out view has numbers. This description explains those numbers.
  14. The 3 holes have 6 MM nuts in the door.

    The 3 holes have 6 MM nuts in the door.

  15. Replacement sliding door latch.

    Replacement sliding door latch.

  16. F

    broken door handles - inside and out!

    Ok, so my drivers side rear door has both the interior and exterior door handles broken. The handles are still there, but they don't work anymore. My question is: How to do I fix a door I can't open? would I have to somehow get the trim off the column between the rear door and the drivers...
  17. Aerostar sliding door latch assembly 264A32 .

    Aerostar sliding door latch assembly 264A32 .

    Part # 264A32 body side door rear latch assembly.
  18. F

    Door won't close all the way

    Hey Everyone, Recently on a drive from AZ. to CA. I noticed that I could hear a lot more air coming in the driver side door. I pulled on the arm rest and it stopped, but once I let go it came back. I tried opening and closing the door and it wouldn't close all the way. I was messing with the...
  19. E

    2006 Explorer exterior door handle replacement

    So not finding any good threads on how to actually do this, I figured why not document my experience so you can hopefully have a little easier time if this happens to you. This is on my wife's explorer XLT that I broke the handle on the drivers side rear door off. It was cold, okay...
  20. E

    How to take off door panneling for lock fix?

    How* to take off door panneling for lock fix '98 Explorer xlt 4x4 Hello, does anyone know how to take off the drivers side door pannel so i can get to the lock mechanics? i put my key in and the lock snaped as i tured it. Now to unlock car i have to go to passenges side, roll down...
  21. The steel door comes with two holes.

    The steel door comes with two holes.

  22. The side of the door with the latch.

    The side of the door with the latch.

  23. The rear shafts need to be cut to the width of the door.

    The rear shafts need to be cut to the width of the door.

  24. The door needs another set of holes.

    The door needs another set of holes.

  25. Door Latch Solution

    Door Latch Solution

    3rd party spring used to fix binding experienced when trying to unlock door with key. Solution and photo provided by bdmaash. Thanks bdmaash.