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    Door Lock problems please help!

    I have a 96 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition V8. The key fob will only unlock the driver side door. The fob will not lock any doors but will arm the alarm. The manual lock inside on any of the four doors will not lock the doors however the driver side door will arm the alarm. When I use the rear...
  2. F

    2011 Passenger Door Allignment

    I know there is already a forum on this issue but I can not seem to find it. I have a 2011 ex limited and it seems as though the front passenger side door is BADLY misaligned. It is clear that the gap by the front fender is way off and where the door trim meets the center console does not...
  3. Sliding door latch.

    Sliding door latch.

  4. The blend door actuator plug.

    The blend door actuator plug.

  5. The blend door actuator is removed.

    The blend door actuator is removed.

  6. The blend door actuator is installed.

    The blend door actuator is installed.

  7. 2004 Taurus blend door actuator.

    2004 Taurus blend door actuator.

  8. Bottom door with a piano hinge.

    Bottom door with a piano hinge.

  9. W

    Driver side door adjustment! HELP!

    The driver side door on my 1995 2 door explorer does not line up at the top. I tried to fix it and messed it up even more. I loosened the bolts on the top hinge and lifted up the door and tightened the bolts. Well then it was metal on metal where the hood and door meet! So I just put it back how...
  10. The hinge fits into the routed door.

    The hinge fits into the routed door.

  11. The Rockwell Jawstand is holding the door in place.

    The Rockwell Jawstand is holding the door in place.

  12. Ryobi door hinge installation kit & cordless plane.

    Ryobi door hinge installation kit & cordless plane.

  13. Plane the door.

    Plane the door.

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    Do 91 Body Parts Fit A 94?

    Hi! Longtime lurker, first time poster. I tried searching for a quick answer to this, but was unable to find one. I own a '94 Eddie Bauer 4-door that was involved in a front-end collision a few months back and am now almost to the point where I've saved enough to fix it. I'll be needing a...
  15. E


    Hi, I am new to this forum. My question is that my ford explorer sport didn't start and doesn't hold a charge. This morning my suv doesn't start but when I open the door I hear a flickering sound that should be a dinging sound when the door opens. I turned off the dimmer switch and now when I...
  16. D

    door ajar problem

    So my door ajar light on the dash is always on, it's the passenger side door. I guess i need a new sensor inside the door? instead of buying a new sensor is there a couple wires going to that sensor that i can just short out so that the door thinks its closes all the time? Someones gota know
  17. N

    I need help with my power door locks.

    I have done alot of research about the automatic door locks on my 92 explorer xlt. nothing works the driver side door(including passenger) unlock switch will not unlock any of the doors or the tail gate. from what ive read there is not a fuse that controls this any suggestions???
  18. B

    Need help finding the right component speakers

    Hey guys, I am thinking about upgrading my door speakers in my 03 Explorer. I want to find a good budget friendly amp (around 100 bucks, give or take 30?) that can do between 75-100W x4 RMS. I currently have an MRP-M500 amp with a 10" Type-R sub (I like Alpine) I need help finding decent door...
  19. F

    2011 Explorer Door Seals & Water Retention

    I purchased a 2011 Explorer just over a month ago and have notice the A-Pillar rattle this issue is in the process of being resolved. However, has anyone noticed a significant amount of water being retained in the primary door seal? Basically, each time I open the door after the car sits in a...
  20. J

    98 Explorer drivers door lock (only)

    Hello, I have a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT SOHC.. I have seen many posts her for door locking problems, but I could not find one that related to my problem. All of the doors lock and unlock just fine with the exception of the drivers door.. It is stuck in the unlocked position. It will not lock...
  21. L

    Door lock cylinder fell out!

    I just bought this 2000 Explorer Sport this past October, it only had 60k miles, as soon as I bought it and got it on the road, the alternator died on it, killed the battery, luckily it happened right in my driveway. I then found out that the previous owner NEVER used the key to open the door...
  22. Chisel the door for the latch.

    Chisel the door for the latch.

  23. Break off both ends for a thin door.

    Break off both ends for a thin door.

    This is the inner bar in a door combination lock. The door in the photo is 1-3/8" thick.
  24. S

    back door reverse open?

    anyone know how to make the bach door open backwards instead of like they are stock? ive seen it on cars and i think it would be fairly simple to do. anyone done it or know how to? thanks!
  25. M

    Drivers door lock

    So I have a 1997 explorer XLT and lately when i hit the lock button every door locks but the fron drivers door. Also, sometimes it stays locked and can only be opened from the inside. What do you guys think the problem is, how would i fix it, and how expensive would it be to fix.