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ect sensor

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    Fuel related issue

    99 Eddie Bauer with 4.0 SOHC - 220xxx miles. For about a week now, it acts like its not getting fuel. It will start & run in the morning, but as soon as it gets hot, it dies. And won't start up again until it cools off. It also likes to die at idle, and sputter and backfire. When it does run, it...
  2. D

    CylinderHead overtemp P1285

    i have a 2016 Explorer base model 4x4 2.3 EcoBoost. It started with a misfire P0302 and coolant smell from exhaust with coolant level in reservoir dropping very little each day while using vehicle. . Moved plug to 1 and coil to 3, cleared codes and P0302 came back. Misfire was only at startup...
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    Temp sender unit plug

    Im having a difficult time here trying to figure this out. Im trying to replace my temp sender unit which has the plug with ONE wire coming from it. The problem is the plug itself is broke and Im trying to find another one. I've been to multiple pick and pulls and haven't found a single one...
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    1993 explorer 4.0L trouble codes help

    I have the trouble codes 111 for key on engine off. Then the codes after are 117, 21, 81, & 189. Then with engine on it gives me 172 and 136. The 111 is system ok which leads me to the others which are ECT sensor low/grounded; ECT sensor out of range; boost control OR AIRD solenoid; and fuel...