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engine removal

  1. X

    1998 Ford Explorer 5.0 engine to transmission bolt removal.

    I am looking for anyone with experience removing an engine from a 1998 Ford Explorer with the 5.0 engine. I am stuck trying to get the last 3 bolts removed from the transmission bell housing to the engine. The firewall is so close that it has made it almost impossible for me to get a wrench...
  2. P

    Explorer 2003 SOHC V6 4.0L 4WD Engine Removal and Timing Chain Replacement

    Hi guys ! New to the Explorer Forum I am wondering if anyone has a manual or step-by-step guide as to how to remove and re-fit the engine from a 2003 Ford Explorer ? And also the same in regards to timing chain replacement - if any one has done this, has a step-by-step guide or manual for...
  3. B

    Engine Removal With Pictures

    Hey guys, so I ran across (nevermind how) a free step by step manual to yanking the motor in a 3rd gen. The one I will be doing is a 4.6L V8. Would it be beneficial if I made a post here utilizing all of my pictures and what not to make the FIRST COMPLETE walkthrough? I just don't want to go...
  4. S

    Vacuum hose connector question

    I am working on a 99 Explorer Limited with the 4.0 SOHC. I am working on disconnecting everything so I can pull the engine, and I ran across a plastic tube that runs from each side of the upper intake, through a T, and down under the A/C Compressor and into a unit in the driver's side fender...
  5. M

    new with lots of ?.

    hello,im mark from Tn,i just bought a 03 explorer and a 02 explorer xlt 4-wd both with the 4.0 engine.the 02 was being driven 2 weeks ago,the guy said the oil pressure started dropping and it finally just quit,seems his oil descending unit plug started leaking and leaked out all the oil,he was...
  6. E

    Combining 2 '91 xlt manuals

    I've had these two '91's for about a year now. My goal has been to take the best from each and build one reliable fun/work machine. Here's the skinny: - Red one is my daily driver - it's a 91 XLT with m5od and electric 4wd/auto hubs. It has a rust problem (probably driven on the beach...
  7. ragajungle

    Merc Tracer - can the engine be pulled separate from trans??

    If anyone has pulled a motor on an Escort/Tracer any insight is appreciated. According to Hanes and Chiltons the eng and trans must be pulled as a unit. Has anyone been able to pull a 96-02 2.0L SOHC SPI without the trans attached? Thanks, Mike
  8. R

    Engine swap 98 sohc

    Engine swap 98 sohc with 05 Mustang motor Thanks again. (from original thread)http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=286471 Parts for the rebuild were expensive ($235 just for the crank) and I would still have a motor with 160k miles. I have decided to try and find a newer...