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extended warranty

  1. D

    Ford ESP warranty

    I had a 2011 Explorer XLT that I bought used back in 2014 with 27,000 miles on it. When it was about to hit the factory warranty deadline I purchased a Ford ESP from Anderson Koch Ford in MN. Glad I did because that Explorer had tons of problems. I traded it in 2017 to lease a Nissan Rogue which...
  2. C

    Preventive water pump replacement or extended warranty

    Got a sweet deal on an immaculate 2014 PIU at state auction. You can barely even hear the 3.7L engine running! It was a State Trooper unit, so it has high highway miles at 170,000. I'm debating on spending $300-400 on an extended powertrain warranty to take me to 200,000 or to just go ahead...
  3. P

    2015 Ford Explorer Limited stalling at intersections/idle

    Hello all, Explorer is at 82000 miles and have had no accidents. I am currently in a pickle. I am having an issue with my explorer stalling in dangerous spots. I will be driving in the morning, and typically in intermittent stop and go traffic, after about 25 min of driving, my car will start...
  4. T

    Extended Service Plan (ESP) prices comparison thread

    Any of you guys get the ESP or any of the other plans, tire, dent, service plan? Just wondering, I already have the vehicle but I am going back to the dealer tomorrow to talk about the plans and I have the prices and I was wondering what you guys thought Thanks
  5. Flounder

    Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP)

    And, to update, heard from Zeigler, and also confirmed with Ford Customer Service: ESP Premium Care, 84 months, 60K miles, shows on system by VIN. Great price, great purchasing experience, etc. Would recommend Zeigler in a heartbeat.