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    A4LD governor.

    Would someone give me a description of the function and operation of the governor in the A4LD? My 93 Explorer A4LD doesn't shift when the transmission is cold. (Common problem, I have found.) I recently did a soft rebuild of the transmission during which I replaced the seals, valve body, OD and...
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    Governor for A4LD Ford automatic gearbox wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a Governor for the automatic gearbox A4LD of a Diesel Ford Transit - built Jan 1997 (gearbox apparently built in UK) - 2,5 l TD (Platform/camper) - Type EHBXML - Serial # WF0AXXGBVAVU20282 - Power 85 HP On the governor installed on the vehicle, we can read "...
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    Rev limiter ? 08 4.6 Ltd? Governor ???

    UP here in New England we're in the first REAL cold snap of the 2013 - 2014 winter season. This AM I left my car running for about 40 mins, with the heater on, and when I came out, car was not as warm as I would have liked. I attributed this to low idle and not enough coolant circulation...
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    I'd like some help on this one.

    I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer, i rev my engine( Pedal 2 the metal) and my RPM's goes up to 3,500 and will not go any higher. are there any forums for this? any way i can fix that problem? i am trying to increase acceleration and certain ways work best. is this a good way to go about? i need...
  5. Governor with upgrades

    Governor with upgrades