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A4LD governor.


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March 27, 2002
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Kennett Square, PA
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'93 XLT
Would someone give me a description of the function and operation of the governor in the A4LD?

My 93 Explorer A4LD doesn't shift when the transmission is cold. (Common problem, I have found.) I recently did a soft rebuild of the transmission during which I replaced the seals, valve body, OD and intermediate servos, and OD and intermediate bands. I inspected the governor and it is clean and moves freely. I replaced the seals on the governor oil collector.

The transmission still has the same problem. I have to drive it about a mile before it starts to shift correctly. Usually it is stuck in first gear but sometimes it is stuck in second. I can force second gear by manually putting the shift lever in "2". Once the transmission is warm it works perfectly.

I have been looking for an explanation of the governor function but I have not found one.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

That's really odd since you rebuilt it. Have a look in my signature about the transmission filter and give it a try. Can't hurt at this stage.

Did you also replace the vacuum modulator? You mention 1-2 shift and that's right up its alley.