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  1. R

    Help with driver side passenger door outer door handle replacement

    An over served buddy of mine was trying to get into my car the other night before I could get the doors unlocked, and low & behold, broke the driver side rear door handle off. I've found replacement handles online for $10-$20, I've found one video with a fella replacing the outer handle for the...
  2. Maniak

    How To: Change Interior Door Pull on a 1st Gen - Video

    I just noticed I never posted this in this forum. Here is a video I did on how to replace the interior door pull on a 1st gen. In this case I did it on the passenger side. ~Mark
  3. G

    Rear Hatch Handle cover

    My wife has a 2001 Sport and the black plastic cover over the rear hatch handle disintegrated from age. I removed it as the remaining edges were sharp, but now the tag lights are exposed. I can't seem to find it listed anywhere on line. Is my only option to go to a dealer to order it? :(
  4. C

    Part Name and Where to Get it

    Yes can anybody help me by telling me what this part is called and where I could get it. All help would be appreciated.
  5. K

    Info or parts

    95 Ranger right (passenger) side seat recliner handle broken
  6. B

    How do I replace liftgate door handle on 02 Sport

    The lift gate handle stopped working on my 2002 Sport and I removed the interior panel and found that the yellow plastic clip that connects the handle to the actuator rod broke. Of course, you can't replace the clip, the whole handle needs to go. The problem is that the handle is riveted to the...
  7. C

    outside door handles

    i been having this ever since i got my explorer... the handles the u use to open the door from the outside, theyre all loose and they dont seem to have a screws or anything...do i have to open up the door panel or what? thanx
  8. M

    Rear inside door handle does not work

    The inside rear door handle i have found does not open the door but i can open the door using the outside door handle. I have checked the child safety lock and that is not the case. Can someone tell me how i should go about fixing this problem and approximatly how much it will cost?
  9. BradR

    Nice Priced new door handles (2nd gen)

    You know those floppy door handles you get when the spring breaks? http://www.carpartswholesale.com/ Has them for quite a nice price, I ordered 3 of them (2 for the mounty, 1 for Explorer) Here's a more direct link...
  10. R

    Replacing exterior door handle on 2002 Explorer

    I recently replaced a broken exterior door handle on my 2002 Explorer XLS while also replacing the power window master switch. Below is a somewhat brief description of the door handle process. I was originally thinking that the door handle would be difficult, due to access, but it turned out...
  11. G

    Parking break handle coil wire spring

    Hi all. This is my first question on explorerforum. The coil spring of the parking break handle broke. Does anyone knows the part number or where to find a equivalent coil spring? Here you can see the place where it broke: I don't have the missing part of the spring, so I don't...
  12. T

    Rear lift gate handle.

    Hey I'm new on here and I'm trying out how to remove and replace the handle on the rear lift gate. The handle only works when I turn it to the left and then it only opens the window. When I try to turn it to the right the left side of the handle comes out about an inch or two and won't fully...
  13. F

    broken door handles - inside and out!

    Ok, so my drivers side rear door has both the interior and exterior door handles broken. The handles are still there, but they don't work anymore. My question is: How to do I fix a door I can't open? would I have to somehow get the trim off the column between the rear door and the drivers...
  14. E

    2006 Explorer exterior door handle replacement

    So not finding any good threads on how to actually do this, I figured why not document my experience so you can hopefully have a little easier time if this happens to you. This is on my wife's explorer XLT that I broke the handle on the drivers side rear door off. It was cold, okay...
  15. Broken blade guard, and top handle comparison.

    Broken blade guard, and top handle comparison.

  16. The outer grab handle.

    The outer grab handle.

  17. The inner grab handle.

    The inner grab handle.

  18. The caliper pin tool has a groove on the handle.

    The caliper pin tool has a groove on the handle.

  19. T

    Rear door (hatch) won't open

    My rear door has never quite functioned properly since I bought it, there is small gouge in the metal as if someone backed into something idk bought it used, the handle opened just the window for a about a year then that stopped working so my friend (big guy) turned the handle really hard and...
  20. Sterling from Kohler model 063589CG two handle washerless faucet.

    Sterling from Kohler model 063589CG two handle washerless faucet.