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need help!!!

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    I need help please!

    Will 20x12 rims with -44 offset and a backspacing of 4.75 with 33x12.50 tires be okay to run if I will have a 3" body lift, add a leaf, and torsion keys? Thanks in advanced
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    94 explorer no power/ rt bank plugs burning up

    No codes. Have replaced IAT, ECT and TPS. New plugs and wires 10,000 miles ago. Started runing rough. Checked plugs and rt bank plugs burnt off. Replaced those plugs. 500 miles later, running rough, checked plugs and rt bank plugs starting to deteriate again. Replaced and engine will...
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    Where's It At ?????

    Can someone please tell me where the OBC II connection is located on my 2010 Explorer ????