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  1. C

    Howdy From Dallas!

    New Explorer owner here. Came looking for info about removing the center console trim. Looks like I just need to be brave, pull in the right places, have faith and some luck. I have lots more questions that I probably should ask of the dealer but I don't trust them (who actually trusts the...
  2. J

    New to the FORD world...

    I've been looking for a newish car and finally picked up a 2016 Explorer XLT. In the past I owned an Acura Integra, Chevy Astro Cargo, and Toyota 4Runner. So far I've blacked out the wheels with custom wrap, replaced all of the external lighting with LEDs, added carbon fiber "explorer" letters...
  3. D

    Whats up forum?

    Hey guys, just purchased my first sport trac, well, vehicle in general and i figured it'd be a good place to start on a forum. I purchased a 2005 Explorer Sport Trac XLT for 8500. It seems fairly decent but we've had a few problems with it so far but hopefully i will get them all figured out.
  4. B

    New to a '96 Ranger

    Hello, I have recently acquired a '96 Ranger and I'm looking for advice/help on how to build/adapt/customize/make awesome my little truck for off roading. I'm thinking more trail than rock crawling or mudding. Something that'll support me as I look to spend more time outdoors, whether...
  5. R

    Newbie help with '96 xlt 2wd

    Okay here's the deal, I'm 19. Running on a typical 19 year old budget. I'm quite knowledgeable on pretty much everything to do with cars, and I'm a few months from being ASE certified so I'm no noob when it comes to being tech savvy. Anyways, I inherited my xploder last year and have put about...
  6. IZwack

    Something w/ rabbits. 72.5 pages of BS

    So seeing as spring is just around the corner, I thought I'd start a thread on the future undertaking of swapping in the Dana 60. The axle is from a 1986 "Fawwd" F-threee "fitty", sporting some kingpins and a whole lot of rust. I took this axle apart a few months ago (except stupid me didnt...