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oil pump

  1. D

    My 1997 explorer sound's like a diesel engine rattling. What could be the possible cause?

    Has anyone heard of a 4.0 sohc oil pump screen getting plugged with sludge. Causing the engine rattling loudly all the time?
  2. R

    Oil Pump failure now have to replace engine

    Hi, i am new to the sites, i own a 2014 Limited that has been a great car, while driving to work i heard a checking or thumping noise. there was no warning lite other than the noise, i drove another 10 miles to my ford dealer. today they informed me the engine is damaged beyond repair or it must...
  3. T

    Sounds like a diesel... yikes!

    I have an issue that seems to be common to 02 Explorers (4.0 2 wheel drive, 212k) Let me say 1st, I'm like the princess and the pea, if something is wrong with my truck, I may not know exactly what it is immediately but I definitely notice instantly. I take excellent care of my vehicle, all...
  4. O

    4.0 Oil pump install

    The assembly manual I got on this site, says nothing about a gasket for the oil pump. However, my Chiltons does mention an oil pump gasket. My new oil pump did not come with a new gasket. I don't remember removing an old pump gasket. Question. Is there a gasket required between the...
  5. J

    Engine oil pump replacement

    Hows everyone doing, so as some of you know im doing an auto to manual swap. Originally i was going to do it with the engine in the car as I have replaced trans like that before.however the oil pan gasket is beyond shot and I wanna check the timing chain. So to make things easier I was going to...
  6. B

    Oil Pump for 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0L V8

    Has anyone with this same vehicle had to replace the oil pump? I am pretty sure that it is the oil pump that needs to be replaced because my Explorer loses oil pressure and the gauge starts bouncing around then completely drops down. I have had this happen a few times and have been able to drain...
  7. A

    Engine Chattering (Timing Chain?)

    What's up everybody. Got a sweet new issue with my spoder. I took it to a place a year or so ago for a chattering noise and they said that they replaced the front timing tensioner along with the oil pump. The noise did stop for a while then it came back. For the longest time my engine has made...
  8. Z

    Playing with oil! :D

    Hello everyone!, well ive got a ticker! lol well my baby ticks (91 xlt 4w) and its been that way for a while... usually i just add another quart and shamwow! its gone. but recently its been still making the tick. so i think to my self hmm... rod? lifter? but it does not tick the whole time...