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    Your Best Photo of your EX

    Please post your favorite 1 or 2 photos of your 11-14 Explorer. I'm finding the photo section of the site difficult to navigate and mostly overrun with older EX's and 'muddin' photos, which I don't have much interest in. Hoping this will become a sticky thread for viewing enjoyment.
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    [photo diary] My 1994 explorer

    Well two months ago I purchased a 1994 ford explorer for 500$ cuz the guy thought the tranny was blown when it was just sticking in 1st gear Right when i got it This was after i painted the front grill bezels and re coated the signals too. Anyone have any suggestions on fixing...
  3. Torque converter break out diagram.

    Torque converter break out diagram.

    This is an internal diagram of a torque converter.
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    Pic of the B&M 28,000 GVW trans cooler on the Navajo. Mounted on the grill support, with 2 grommeted screws on Pass side, and a custom (electric box cover) bracket to the existing cooler mount.