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[photo diary] My 1994 explorer


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November 14, 2010
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94 XLT 4.0 tow package?
Well two months ago I purchased a 1994 ford explorer for 500$ cuz the guy thought the tranny was blown when it was just sticking in 1st gear

Right when i got it

This was after i painted the front grill bezels and re coated the signals too.


Anyone have any suggestions on fixing a rust hole?


How do you remove that bottom trim? (without breaking it)


Removing the valve body


Cutting an access hole



Currently waiting for some $$ to replace the fuel pump battery and buy the tool to remove the lines.


The idiot today that left his van next to my truck.


If anyone has any suggestions on what direction to take this truck in please let me know. Thanks!

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The bottom trim is held on with plastic push clip type things. All I done with mine was pull on it. If you will look on the front piece you should see them. Just take your time and pull them.

I would expect to see a lot of rust,

Time for some updates:

First things first. I sold some stuff and bought a battery charger and charged my batt. I traced my no start problem to either a bad ecm fuse or a bad ground. so After cutting a hole in the floor and buying a tool to bench test my fuel pump. I patched the hole with some silicone so when it does go back i can rip the panel off to get to it.


Next i was on to my cooling problem. The issues i was having was that my a4ld would leak atf from the main seal when i had put my foot into it but not when it was cold. I removed my rad seen here:


notice how new it is? because it is. only 3 or 4 years old. anyways i took it inside and flushed it out. nothing but orange crap came out. MY RAD WAS CLOGGED! i even un-crimped one side of the rad to reem it out. Another symptom was after running only a few min my engine was hot like it had been running on the highway all day.

Now what im in the process of:


i finally pulled my Tupperware off the sides of my truck now the holes i filled with expanding foam and put tape over them As soon as funds provide i plan to herculine the bottom parts of my truck. Till then i am also trying to find a transmission... IM probably going to SETTLE on a a4ld instead of a 700r4 swap or a m50d

but until funds provide It shall sit.

I used hardware store 2.50 black gloss spray paint and i just sanded the grill and bezels down and coated them 3 or 4 times with the black and coated it with 3.50 can of ace enamel clear coat... and i sanded the turn signals and headlights and re coated them with clear coat... I have heard of a dealership that does this to foggy headlights..

Like the front end look and its what I think I am going to do. The black that is. I also need to get around to filling the bottom holes from the ground trim and then bed line it also just been waiting as I would rather paint the truck first but it just seams like every thing keeps pushing that back father and father from getting done.

I will be interested in how well the clear coat holds up on the lights also as I know mine clean up nice but then get foggy again kind of fast but may be best to just change them as I also get a lot of moister inside of them also.

This is really unrelated to your post, but I couldn't help but notice the area in the background--did you take these pictures in a housing development in or around Odenton, Maryland? A friend of mine used to live in a development across the street from an ice-rink that the Washington Capitals practiced at that looked exactly like this place.

nah man im down south in nc

Some updates...

So for the past two days i have been tearing the interior out of my explorer due to the fact that im tired of getting it dirty and the headliners messed up and needs redone so i figured id get it out of the way... here are the pics


right before i pulled it out...


Pulling it out of the Back cargo bay....



a nice clean interior roof.. I also used a t50 torx bit to remove the seatbolts so i could pull the interior panels off and then i rehung them Now I had a good opportunity to remove the roof rack track and the part of it thats riveted down (forget what its called) i just used some mini bolt cutters to break off the rivets and for the tracks previously when i tried to remove them they were seized but on the inside there are the bolt side... I just used a 8 mm socket and loosened it and it broke the screws free.



if you remove the roof rack etc. You will have holes to deal with. I just used expanding foam for now until i can put some teflon tape over them.

if you leave it when it rains you will get water inside.

another thing i found was this:


Somehow the side fixed window found its way loose and leaked (it rained 3 days ago) and i had a nice puddle in the back of my x. I just tightened the bolts on the window... hoping that was it.

last update:


Just got the bottom rocker painted after doing some sanding and some prep still havnt done the other side and idk when ill get to it so until then..

After all that work this is what my roof looks like:


cleaned it up some and NO RUST WOOHOO!

And if anyones wondering a dog supposedly was locked in the explorer and wanted out and scratched the headliner. and this truck was previously owned by a lady... who figured

Big update!

Well I have been very busy. being that im only 16 without a license and no job yet Its hard to get money but i have sold some stuff and got the money to do a soft rebuild on the transmission. I have read Glaciers diary and i have downloaded the manual to rebuild it. So at this current point i still have the transmission in but Its 4 bolts from being out. here are the pics:

master Rebuild kit

Pulled the pan and look at all the shiny glitter!!

Dropping the transfer case

Almost got the tcase out.

That about does it for the big Ticket updates but on another note I fixed my leaking window problem, The actual problem was a part of the passenger side window gasket wasnt sealing and causing a leak. A little bit of some acrylic Sealant Fixed that.


Will post pics when the transmission comes out.

My transfer case after i took it out.

just for fun my monster sticker !!

me like. keep up the good work! it pays off in the end.

Thanks man I hope it will, I got 800$ invested so i kinda hope it does :P

take your time and do it right in the end it will all be worth it and pay off for you big time in a truck that runs and takes ya places with out a big worry. Not only that but you will also know how it all works and relates to each other making any fixes that do need to be done later a lot easier also.
By the way when done your going to have a personal pride and joy that long after you part with it, it will still stay with you. I am 53 and still remember my first car and learning to work on it then building it to what I wanted. What I would give to have it today but then to it was a 67 Chevy Chevelle SS. O ya paid only $600 for it also.

thanks man, just wish i could figure one thing out on my rebuild :/

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Finally the a4ld is out!

I have it almost finished but im hung up with a bearing or something is causing clearance issues right before the center support. The only thing really wrong was this =
on the right is what those frictions should look like, These came from the forward clutch This came from my brother revving it hard to get it to go into gear (didnt work)

and smoked the frictions and steels. Everything else in the trans was prettymuch perfect besides the bands, they had steel embedded in them which lead to scratching the od drum and the direct drum. The od drum was pretty glazed and scratched so i took some 400 grit polish to it and polished it along with the direct drum. I did the same to the governor and got it moving smoothly too. If i can get this clearance issue sorted out it will all go back together nicely. and my poor ex will be back in action!!