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  1. C

    Restore your plastic trim....

    This also works on the windshield wiper arms (not the blades) BTW!
  2. B

    Please help me figure out what this piece is called!

    Hi there, I just created my account on Explorer Forums because for the life of me I can’t identify this piece. It’s that plastic thing underneath the truck below the front and back doors on both sides. I’m gonna try uploading a picture of my Explorer with it circled if I can figure out how lol...
  3. 2

    Re-painting bumper. Advice needed.

    So last weekend I decided to finally paint the front and rear bumper trim on the truck. It wasn't until the paint dried that I realized it was dark brown and not dark gray (now I know what color dark walnut is). Well i'm not happy with the dark brown color and I'm just going with black paint...
  4. A

    Push Pins for front valance 2012 Explorer

    What is the part number or compatible equivalent for the plastic push pins that hold front valance, air-dam, spoiler, lip or whatever that thing is below bumper? I'd like a part number or a link please. THANKS! This is a link to the part I'm referring to...
  5. K

    Question about plastic interior.

    I Have a 2016 Ford Explorer sport. I was curious to see if anyone knows the exact color for the (black pebbled plastic) used for the interior. I called ford parts department to see if they had a spray, but the sales person told me they don't carry one. I have a few small scratches that I want to...
  6. B

    DIY repair for loose roof rack plastic piece?

    My roof rack water leak was repaired, but one of the plastic pieces that covers the bolts (?) is now loose (link to short video below). Seems like a plastic tab may be broken/missing. Any recommendations on a DIY repair, other than super glue? :) Going on a road trip this weekend and I'd...
  7. S

    Drivers side seat trim?

    The trim (where the power buttons are located) on my drivers seat of my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited has cracked and fallen off from the metal frame. Does anyone know where I can pickup an oem drivers side trim? Thanks in advance!
  8. jcerrion

    How To: Trim the lower fasica bumper on a 5th gen X

    Per a moderators request, i have redrafted my original writeup so it is supported within the website. This is a repeat post so that members can access the directions without traveling off forum.
  9. S

    HELP: Removing Plastic Lower Rocker

    Hi all, Im trying to remove my rocker covers/panels before my truck goes in for a new paint job. i managed to remove the front corner peice with no problem and the plastic retainers at the bottom of the main rocker. The clips i see inside the main rocker dont come our without serious prying and...