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power mirrors

  1. I

    03 Ford Sport Trac XLT 4 Door 4.0 4x4 power mirrors not working

    Both my power mirrors on my 03 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT 4.0 4 door 4x4 don’t work could the switch be the problem fuse is good Any help would be appreciated!!!!
  2. J

    Second Gen Mirrors on a First Gen

    So i've looked all over and i can't find it on here, but can i put the second gen heated mirrors on my 1992 i know they look the same but are they direct bolt on and what is the deal with wiring? I already have power mirrors but they're super faded and im looking to replace them anyways. Thank...
  3. cwescapexlt4x4

    Squeaky folding exterior mirror

    As the title states, my driverside power folding mirror assembly is starting to make some noise ... especially when returning to the driving position. Anyone else have/had this or what lube have you used? I will address with dealer if need be but I'd rather do it myself. I'm thinking a little...
  4. B

    need help with power mirror upgrade

    I am upgrading the interior in a 1993 XLT to a 1999 XLT excluding the dash. I got my power locks & window switches working properly, but the power mirrors are a whole other issue. Has anyone else done this conversion? What wires do I connect where on the 1999 power mirror switch to get them...
  5. 2

    Heated Mirrors On The XLT?

    I want to order some new mirrors for the X but the power mirrors w/ puddle lights are out of stock on 1a auto. Will the heated power mirrors w/ puddle lights work with my truck? I heard you just hook them up and they activate when you turn on the rear defroster. Is this true? Here are the...
  6. W

    Power Mirrors Troubleshooting

    Yesterday I decided I would try to fix my power mirrors. I took off my door panel and unplugged the switch, plugged it back in and wallah it can move down and to the left. After messing around with it for a little bit I can get it to go in all directions but it doesn't take much for it to go...
  7. N

    need help removing and replacing drive side power mirrors on a 2002 explorer

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition v8 and I need to remove and replace the power mirrors the current one is currently duct taped on because a deer came out of the ditch. wiring diagrams and other things like that would be helpful.
  8. Q

    Do these symptoms point to a specific problem.

    I just bought a 1995 Exolorer XLT. Here are the problems I am having, hopefully someone will know what might be the problem. 1. Door Ajar light stays on 2. Power Mirrors dont work 3. Interior Lights stay on when door is closed. 4. Front blower for AC and heat does not always work (does...