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remote start issues

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    15 PIU Climate Control with Remote Start Not Working

    Hey everybody! Working on my first PIU and what a wealth of knowledge you guys are! Climate control does not activate when I remote start the vehicle. Here's what I did: FORScan downloaded and extended license installed. Enabled keyless. Enabled remote start. Added the hood pin switch...
  2. L

    Malfunction Warnings Galore Please HELP!!

    I have a 2011 Explorer Limited 4x4. When I start the car a malfunction warning comes up - 1) Collision Warning Malfunction - after I noticed it I took to mechanic ad he replaced the sensor Now I am getting a 2) Collision warning disabled message and neither the Adaptive Cruise Control or...
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    2016 Explorer Remote Start - HELP

    I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer. It did not come with the remote start but as the parent of a 5 year old it is a feature I wanted. I like to be able to start my car before we get in it in the morning in the winter and it be warm. I want to be able to start it cooling before we get in...