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    After Market Struts

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    Shocks or Struts? Which one?

    2000 Explorer XLT 4-Door 2WD, 4.0 SOHC, Torsion Bar Front Suspension, original suspension parts. In the front, does my truck have shock absorbers or struts? I assume it has shocks (I may be wrong), but I just want to make sure. Thanks.
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    08 Ford Explorer 5r55s transmission part? Need Help.

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums and first time owner of a explorer. I just recently bought one with a bad transmission. When I tore it down for the rebuild I noticed there was a rod broken underneath the reverse servo it holds the reverse band strut in place. I can't find this rod anywhere does...
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    Possible bad rear strut? (picture)

    Hi all, I've been hearing a strange metal popping sound coming from the rear suspension ever since I took my car to the garage to have a bolt drilled out (front sway bar bushing bracket). It sounded like a spring to me but honestly it could be anything. Here's a picture of the strut in...
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    Lift Support - Explorer 1991-2003 - Liftgate - Strong Arm 4754

    Addition: Lift Support - Explorer 1991-2003 - Liftgate - Strong Arm 4754 :us:
  6. Lisle 63400 strut remover tool.

    Lisle 63400 strut remover tool.

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    For Sale 03 Struts

    I'm swapping out my struts this weekend for a new set of Rancho quick lift Loaded Struts. The struts have 96K miles on them and appear to be in half decent shape. None of the coils are broken and none of the shocks are blown. If anyones interested in them, shoot me an email. Codyn1@wit.edu