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  1. D

    Switch lighting?

    Are the bulbs that light the rear de-fogger and the fog light switches on the right of the dash, just to the right of the radio, on a '99 replaceable, or would I have to get new switches?
  2. C

    '01 Sport Trac w/PATS ignition switch

    So it appears the lock cylinder is likely ok, and the actual switch on the column is ok, but behind the lock sylider is another 'switch' that the lock cylinder physically moves, and we think that's the problem child. I removed the plastic covers on the column but I cannot even SEE that little...
  3. W

    New Guy on the Block 1999 Explorer

    Hello I'm a new guy (for here I mean). Have a 1999 XLT that I just bought. Maybe a down grade (in year) from my 2002 Impala, but Pristine condition Vehicle! Looking for members who are experienced with neat mount for my Two Way Radio (Motorola CDM 1250, Siren Control Box, and Light Switches)...
  4. B

    86 Ranger 2.3 EFI gas RELAY SWITCH PROBLEMS

    Cut to the chase..... …..…..In looking at the new switch bottom side, with lock tabs on the bottom, the two smaller spades are top, and middle, and the bottom spade is larger. On the Ford OE pigtail switch I’m replacing, this has the same female plug-ins as my NEW SWITCH, so even though the...
  5. Two switches & one outlet.

    Two switches & one outlet.

  6. R

    Places to Mount Aux Switches

    I have a '98 Explorer XLT with aux lights on my bull bar. Also I have lights on my roof rack. I need a good place in the car to mount some switches. Any idea? Thanks so much.
  7. Door panel switches.

    Door panel switches.