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tire size

  1. M

    difference between 245/75 r15 and 245/70 r16

    i'm looking at buying a set of 245/70r16 already on rims to replace the stock 245/75r15 tires. my question is what is the difference between the two sizes other than the rim size? and would i have to modify the vehicle at all the make the new tires fit? any reply is greatly appreciated :)
  2. E

    Upgrading wheel size

    I've picked out a set of American racing outlaw 2 wheels I want to buy for my 01 explorer but also want to up my tire size . Without upgrading suspension or anything, what is the biggest size I can go to ?
  3. X

    Biggest size tires w/ 3" lift?

    Alright I've got a lifted 2004 XLT used BTF 3" leveling kit strut spacers I'm currently running 245/65/17 factory spec size and theres lots of wheel well to spare was wondering because many others have this type of lift what's a good tire size I can fit without scrub and I want to keep the stock...
  4. B

    255 55 R20's to replace 255 50 R20's

    I've searched and searched the interwebs and this forum for an answer. I'm simply wondering if anyone has replaced their 255 50 20's with 255 55 20's. I know they are an inch taller and will modify the speedometers accuracy slightly. Will these rub at full steering wheel turn? Any other thoughts?
  5. D

    Tire size... Again

    2006 xls, stock everything. Right now I'm running 245/70/r16 and plan on putting the Rancho quick lift leveling kit on it. I want to put taller tires on it but what I'm looking at is i currently only have about a half inch clearance between the sidewall and the upper control arm. I'm afraid a...
  6. B

    Biggest tires without lift?

    Hey everybody... I'm new here so forgive asking the question again, but I was curious for advice on how big a tire one can put into a stock 94 XLT, on the stock rims with no lift or trimming? Currently running 225/70R15
  7. M

    295 70r17

    So I just found a set of nitto terra grapplers on Craigslist for $100. The tread isn't perfect but for $100 I couldn't pass them up. They're 295 70r17 and I was just wondering if anyone has/is running these on their second gen. And I also have no idea what size rims I should be looking for...
  8. O

    Tire size for dd/tow/mild off road 2000 xlt

    I've read all the forums about how large of a tire to get with each lift. I've searched looking for tire recommendations for daily drivers. That yielded more of a "how many people are running 35" and 33" on their dd's" than anything. Not really what I'm looking for. I personally was thinking...
  9. 96ex5.0

    285/75 16's

    I decided to go with the tires and haven't had any clearance problems, I only have the Tt and shackles. Will post pics when I get home.
  10. A

    Largest tire size for a stock 97 explorer 4x4 with 17 inch wheels

    can anyone help me out in figuring out the largest tire size for a 97 explorer 4x4 w/ stock suspension if i put 17 inch wheels on? otherwise ill have to do 16's.
  11. G

    Performance upgrades and stock max tire size

    Hey guys, I know this has been discussed many times, so I'll apologize in advance:( What are the simpler "first step upgrades" I could do to my '02 ST 4X4 (4.10 rear gears), and what is the maximum tire size I can install on the stock suspension/ wheels? I have read many many threads on this...
  12. Rbrown849

    Tire size

    Curious if someone can tell me what is the biggest 15 tire I can fit on a sport with stock suspension. Thanx
  13. J

    most tastefull mods for the money 99 xlt sohc

    hey My name is JD , I just bought a 99 explorer Xlt 4.0 , I used to own a 93 explorer 4.0, but my new one is quite a bit different . So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on affordable mods such as tire size , diffs ,lifts Im on a $2k budget so let me know what you guys think ...
  14. E

    Going for show. I need help on a low budget.

    I own a '95 Eddie Bauer that I intend on lifting and would like to sit on 35s, I assume I'll have to settle with 33s considering the height I'm going for (aprox 3''-5'') which is fine, but it all depends on the price/work involved to get there, 35'' tires w/ no rub would be my goal... but I will...
  15. E

    255x65R17 on a 2007 EB ?

    Hey Guys, I just ordered a set of tires on tirerack.com. My factory size is 245, but I ordered 255's from tirerack. Does anyone in the forum have a 2007 that has put 255's on their truck without rubbing? Please let me know. They ship in two days so I still have a chance to cancel...
  16. S

    2005 Explorer 4WD V8 tire sizes.

    Anyone know the range of tire sizes I can fit on my 4wd 05 Explorer? I believe stock is 235 65 17. I'm looking to get somewhat of a larger tire that won't cause problems with my transmission and suspension. I have 245's on now and they are completely shot. I like the General Grabbers, the...
  17. D

    Recalibrating the Speedometer

    I am going to be switching from a P235/75R15 to a P245/75R16. Reason being is I want to use wheels from a 2002 Ford Ranger. What is the procedure for recalibrating a speedometer for a 1992 Explorer XLT? Right now there are stock size tires (P235/75R15's) and the speedometer reads 5mph faster...
  18. J

    Solved Lifts and Max tire sizes

    Lift and tire size info for explorers Lifts and max tire and wheel sizes for explorers This is a quick reference guide I have put together based on information gathered from the Explorer Forum. Remember this is just a guide. You may have to do some fender trimming to fit these tires on your...