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u joint

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    front drive shaft u joint size? 1330?

    ford parts has it as a 1330 size but rock auto says its 1310 size? can someone tell me the right part for the front u joint? and what size straps i need. doing the front pinion seal but one of the Torx 30 bolts stripped so i am prepping for the worst case of needing cut the head off the bolt...
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    1996 explorer xlt lower steering shaft u joint

    I can't drive my 1996 explorer xlt because my lower steering shaft u joint is all messed up. That particular part is discontinued and my mechanic cannot locate one. Does anybody know where to find this u joint? It's been three weeks since I could drive her. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    1996 explorer xlt u-joint!

    I'm having a bit of trouble finding the piece I need and a buddy at work says somebody on here can help! I own a beautiful 1996 explorer xlt, but I can't drive it. Steering started to feel tight, brought it to my mechanic and he informed me I needed a new/usable lower steering shafts u joint...
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    Help with a new noise!

    So here it goes again! I was diagnosing a shake at 65 mph, turns out it was coned tires since i never got an alignment after doing tie rods a couple years ago. Figured this out by doing a rotation backs to front. Rides nice and smooth now (as smooth as mudders will allow atleast). Doing this...
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    How long do the u-joints last in a 3 gen 4.6L 4x4 explorer? I seached, but did find much on u-joints. We have about 106K miles on our 2003 Explorer Limited 4x4 with the 4.6L.
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    Popping Noise when turning....Driver Side

    I have recently replaced both wheel bearings in my 2004 Mountaineer. I have all replaced the upper control arms with the ball joints included in the assebmly. Recently we have been hearing a popping noise only when driving slow and truning. The noise seems to be coming from the drivers side...
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    HELP!!!! loud whine under load

    so yesterday i finally put a new rear end in the sport- no more open 3.23 gears. put in a D4 from a junkyard so now she has limited slip and 3.79! HUGE improvement. problem is at about third gear and above (manual tranny) it makes a whining noise?? the noise stops instantly when i put it in...
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    Vibration is driving me nuts! I need some feedback.

    Guys and Gals, I have been living with a vibration for some time. It was getting worst. Would feel the vibration on the floor (not on the steering wheel) starting around 50KM (30mph) and would become loud. Would still vibrate if placed in neutral regardless of RPM. Assumed it was coming from...