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universal joint

  1. J

    Help with a new noise!

    So here it goes again! I was diagnosing a shake at 65 mph, turns out it was coned tires since i never got an alignment after doing tie rods a couple years ago. Figured this out by doing a rotation backs to front. Rides nice and smooth now (as smooth as mudders will allow atleast). Doing this...
  2. G

    transmission vibration? Torque Converter shudder? U-Joint? Stumped.

    got a problem im stuck on here. have searched the threads and still couldnt pin point my problem, which is a first! I have viewed these forums many many times as a guest looking for solutions to various problems and yall are spot on. so I thought Id join up and see if yall can give me a hand...
  3. T

    Front end metal clanking sound w/ vibration

    I really could use some help. Our trusty '00 Mounty has 140X and recently has begun a terrific vibration at 55mph plus. As I slow down to a stop it then morphs into metal clanking. Strange thing is this happened a couple years ago. I remember being all freaked out that it might be the...
  4. M

    Need some help! A double clunk and a bad vibe? No Low Beams, Back Door Locked shut!

    I finally got my truck to pass NJ inspection but I have developed a loud clunk from the drive train. I can actually hear two clunks. First from the back, then towards the front. At the same time I have a really bad vibration that I was originally blaming on needing the tires balanced. I also...