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wheel well

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    Unknown Item in 1997 Explorer

    Hi All Australia calling I am slowly pulling my 1997 explorer apart. I noticed in another thread that someone had placed a second battery in the passenger wheel well and had a look to see what size it would take. Imagine my surprise when I found something that I do not know what it is or its...
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    Fenders with trim, mounting and compability?

    I need some new front fenders for my 92 Explorer EB edition. I live in sweden and there's not a lot of 91-94 parts to find in good shape here. I have found fenders from a 94 explorer (the 2-door version) but it has the wheel well trim aswell as the rocker panel body trim. My questions are...
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    Hello. I'm looking for fender flares wheel well flares that will fit a 1999 Explorer

    The wider the better, doesn't matter what color as long as they will fit. i live just outside Philadelphia, pa in bucks county pa. i can pick up and pay cash or pay via pay pal. i need asap.... please call me ANYTIME at 215.501.6148 if i don't answer, leave a message, i really...