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4R44E band anchor is missing. The 'Phantom Menace'.

Next is pan it's gasket and the pan screws tightening. I applied assemly lube on the pan and transmission mating surfices, align and tightened it's screws to 115 in-lb.
I spread assembly lube with brush on the extension housing mating surfices and tack in placed new gasket. And then tightened the extension housing screws to 38 ft-lb.


Next step is to drag the transmission under truck, and screw on heat shild with the screw on thread locker. And then lift transmission with the cargo webbing winch straps, and roll my ugly home made "transmission support" straight under transmission pan, and secure it.


I pour about 1Liter of merc into torque converter, which is been previously drained out of old transmission fluid, and put it into place by rotating and gently pushing into the bell housing, while transmission is resting on the "transmission support" in horizontal position. Actually, the torque converter goes in much easier, while transmission fixed in upwards position, because torque converter inner splines has tendency to slide out of line, and it is very tricky to keep it aligned during installing horizontally. To hold inner converter splines in line i'm temporally tack it in central position with assembly lube. After converter installation i recheck dimension "A", which is been measured before transmission disassembling, and secure torque converter in place with my home made fixture.


Next step is to drive rolled "transmission support" to the engine flywheel. This procedure ridiculously reminds me Apollo&Soyuz space docking.:) Eventually i lifted transmission on the hydraulic jack till the plunger "hight mark" is shows up, align converter studs with flywheel holes, push rolled "transmission support cart" to the engine, "+0.2", "-0.3", "clunk", "capture", BINGO!


Next step is put filler tube into it's place, and tightened all transmission to engine screws to 38 ft-lb. I hand tightened torque converter new nuts, suffered not to drop into bell housing, and tightened them with the swivel socket to 34 ft-lb. And then put back and tightened cooler line fittings, and install starter to it's place. I fastened transmission crossmember, with the rubber pud. In the end i insert and bolt the driveshaft.
Next step is transmission fluid filling. I slowly pour 6Liters of premium canadian merc into filler tube, and then i suddenly saw merc drops on the inspection pit bottom WHAT???. :censored: I ran down to lower level of inspection pit ready to see the case crack, but it was just a few drops from overfill breather hole.


And then i start the engine, let it idle about two minutes, and shift to all selector positions, waiting for each range engagement (don't put it on gears until you get fluid between circles on the dipstick), then shift to parking position, stop the engine, and pour about 1.6Liters of merc. I start the engine again, let transmission warm up, check the dipstick level, and then take my truck for 30km test drive.
Fortunately transmission works(It's alive, alive!!!) i guess as it should be.The transmission shifts to 2nd nice and smooth, not as it been before when it weird vibrated during shifting to 2nd. It also shift to 3rd and 4th flawlessly, and downshifts good as well. More then this, transmission engage without delays, and it finally stops bumping while 1st and reverse gear engagement. I examine transmission in all selector ranges, and kept smiling like a village idiot all day long.:)
I'am still holding my fingers crossed, but so far so good, and all previous issues seems to be solved.
I know you guys so tired of my english language grammar violation, and i romped with this transmission too long. "Does he finally finish his story before WW3, or keep cat tail pulling till the end of time?":)

I want to thank gsbarry, JK080, transman304, imp for quick response and friendly advice. And also thank to Hiram Gutierrez and his YouTube channel, which is help me to visualize this process.