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6th Gen Stock 2020+ Explorer & Aviator Photo Thread

Hello all,

I just purchased a 2020 xlt. I like the explorer badging on the hood of the ST. I know the dealer sells and applies it for under 100$. IS there any cons to this? Regarding paint issues?
I don't believe there should be any paint issues. It might present a little bit of an issue when washing/drying the hood, but that is all I can think of. There is a video a member made of installing the letters himself in the 5th gen. Forum. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it yet.


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It's easy as far as labor, Inreplaced mine myself with a detailed help. The spacing is all set from the template. Measuring it out so it is center was the hardest part. And once you peel the back paper off exposing the sticky side, you have 1 shot at it.. those letters will not come back off once it makes contact with the paint.

Fresh photos. Hot off the camera. ;)




Beautiful vehicle love the color

View attachment 173103 So I took delivery of my ST that I had them pull from a dealer near here. I got into their holdback about $600 so felt good about pricing. Not as many of the Atlas Blue ones around. Kinda of a crappy day here in FL today so will put pics up after cleaned up and sunny. Street pack and Tech pack. The only thing immediately that jumps out is the chrome lug nuts with the black wheels. I am thinking those DP black chromed lug nuts might be sweet!

Good luck to all you guys waiting. I talked to the owner of the dealership some and he said they told him it would likely be November before mine shipped but then again it might be sooner. I don't know what to make of that except there are a ton of them in storage that need to be gone through.

Rapid Red.

Our Atlas Blue ST ... it's about a week old!!
Shiny Explorer-8.jpg

Shiny Explorer-10.jpg

Shiny Explorer-48.jpg

Spent about six hours with it today using the full Griot's Garage BOSS (Best of Show System) system: wash, clay bar, polish, sealer/wax. She's as smooth and as shiny as she can be!! I used this same basic system years ago when I had a Jaguar S-Type R ... used to collect a lot of "Best in Class" at Jaguar Club events!!



Welcome to the Forum Ken. :wave:
Great shots.



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Welcome to the Forum. :wave:
I hope your new ST is well anchored.;)


To all of you who made this ride into a journey - Thank You for all of the insights you have shared... You truly have helped along every step...

And because of all of you - This is what I ride...

And this is where I ride...



So it was between Xpel and Suntek. I've read a lot of reviews between 4 or 5 films and these seem to be the best 2. Suntek is easier to apply and less orange peel. It is also a little more glossier than Xpel.

Neither have the kits out yet for the 2020. Suntek has the window tint templates so he thinks the bumper and hood should be out very soon.

The suntek dealer here does xpel as well and he recommends Suntek. Also said for this type of vehicle to save my money on a whole hood and just do a partial.

The fact he is recommending me to save money shows he is being honest. So I am going with Suntek (Porsche uses Suntek at their factory for their vehicles).

This dealer is $1,200 for full paint correction, 2 Base Coats, 2 top coats, full glass and wheels. Also going to have him do the calipers so it is a lot easier to clean them (nothing like dirty red calipers). Will also have him do the door handle pockets.

Hood is $299, I'm going to order a new set of "Explorer" letters for the hood so he doesnt have to cut the letters out.

Bumper will be around $400. Also doing all the windows for tint.. 90% on the 2nd row, 3rd row and rear. 30% for the front row, all UV protected.

I'm scheduled for the 26th, 2 1/2 days of work.. hopefully the bumper will be out by then otherwise I'll take it back once that template is available.

I have been using these for years. The have my vehicles for 5 years and I always get this clear bra work done within the first 100 - 200 miles of driving. They last great, no discoloration, no peeling, safe for automatic car wash etc. Just don't scrub it with a brush. I just got my SR few days back and the same brand clear bra work is getting done on it.


Finally!! I was worried about the sensitive brakes everyone mentioned, but for whatever reason I actually love the brakes... my 2016 I felt I I should put my foot through the floor to help it too sometimes.... this I can feather if I want in stop and go traffic, but will stop without me worrying if I want it to... well... for all of the 40 miles I’ve driven.

Agree that sports mode is sweet... can’t wait to figure out its touch points... and almost spun the wheels making a left like others have said. All in all... couldn’t be happier... was worth the wait from February...

View attachment 172839

View attachment 172840

That's just beautiful

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So 15 months of ownership and 24,000 miles, had the Explorer detailed again and another coat of ceramic.


Then just added another Ford Performance vehicle to my garage. 90% done in XPEL with paint correction and 3 coats of ceramic.


Wish the ST sounded like this..