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91 Navajo vibration during acceleration

I cleaned them with a wire brush. I just saw a video where a guy cleans them out with a pic like scraper. Seems that might be in order. I'm guessing I could pop the ring and clean it up without pulling the shaft. Might have to give that a shot.

Oh yeah, and thanks Nitro. I'm glad you pointed me in the right direction.

Since you went to the work to fix it you might as well do it right so it doesn't bite you in the hiney later!

So I went in and cleaned that groove. It was pretty darn clean to begin with. I ended up taking about .005" off the thickness of the clip and it finally fit in. All I can think is that something was slightly out of spec. No big deal, fits now and should work fine.

I'm still going to go for the manual locking hubs. Hopefully I can turn up a deal.

Thanks again!