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99 V8 Sport AWD "Black Beauty"

Hi every one out there. My name is Chris and I drive a 99 Explorer Sport. It used to be a 4.0 SOHC 4X4 and now it has new life as a 5.0 V8 AWD. Right now she sits on stock sizes tires with rims off of a 2010 Ranger. Any ways the girl friend likes to name all of my cars so she named it Black Beauty. So now I guess I need to do some black out work. Any way here is a list of mods that have been done and a list of what will be done.

Mods Include

01 Sport Seats
01 Sport Instrument Cluster w/LED's
Remote Start with Alarm installed by me.
Sony Head Unit
Pioneer Speakers in the front
Cerwin Vega Speakers in the rear
Kicker CVX 10" 1200 Watt max subwoofer
JL Stealth Subwoofer Box
Rockford Fosgate p500-2 1000 Watt max amp
LED Interior lighting (Dome Lights)

Bug Deflector
Billit Grill
Fully Debadged
Roof Rack Removed
Side Steps Removed
18inch Rims
Stock turn signals to clear corners (http://www.explorerforum.com/forums//showthread.php?t=87602)
Tinted 3rd Brake Light
Tinted Tail Lights

5.0L V8 Swap
Mac CAI bought from VroomZoomBoom
Custom Exhaust

Replaced Both Upstream O2 Sensors 3/19/2014

4 Door Leaf Pack
2 inch lowering blocks in the rear
Caster/Camber adjusters
Custom length sway bar end links
TT in the front
KYB Gas-a-Just shock in the rear.

Transfer Case & Differential
4406 Manual Shift 4X4 T-Case Swap
Custom Rear Drive Shaft bought from VroomZoomBoom with u joint Precision 354 at axle and Precision 232 at transfer case
F150 front drive shaft with conversion u joint Precision 353 at axle and Precision 354 at transfer case
D35 w/4.10 open
8.8 w/4.10 Traction Lock

Fog lamps modded to stay on with high beams
HID Head Lights
Led Puddle Lights
Led License Plat Lights
LED Strip Under Hatch

Mods Coming Soon

Electric fan
TM Headers
1 inch Intake Spacer

Black Powder Coated Billit Grill
Black Head Light with diamond lenses retro fitted with projectors.
Color Match Trim to body color

HIID Fog Lights
22" Cree LED Zombi Lights

Add Zombie Lights Switch
Add Reverse Lights Switch
Add Inverter Switch

I will keep this first post updated with mods as I can. Thanks for looking.

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The only other thing I really am thinking about is a sunroof... everything else is already in it...


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Yea I kind of want a sunroof too. I wish mine had one. But I did get the factory sub and amp wired up to my after market head unit today. I also started replacing the rear speakers.

I've got a 10" MTX in box instead of the factory set up, replaced all 4 speakers with 2000 Limited fronts... sounds just perfect to me..


Well I modded a set of turn signals today for my EX tell I can buy what I want.

Here they are installed on the ex.

OK so now I have started to do a lighting mod on the front end. I am making it where all 3 lights flash at the same time. So I got some junk turn signals and cut the part that holds the bulb in out. Then on a good set I make the hole for the small bulb bigger and bond the ring that I cut out of another set to it. And now I will have 3 flashing bulbs instead of 2.




Looks good man. Just wish mine was the V8 as well. Been debating on getting another one and getting a V8

Look what I finally got today.


You gonna paint your plastics?

Painting all the gray trim black is one of my plans.

The avs logo on your bugshield and ventshades will come off with some 2+2 or some other strong Carb spray on a rag. Love your truck I almost went all black but then I switched up with chrome bumpers and chrome clear headlights.

Yea I need to get off my butt and get the avs logo and the sticky stuff from the lettering on the rear off. But with being a mechanic and working on every one else stuff you just don't want to work on your own unless you have too. Any ways thanks for the compliment.

Well yesterday I modded my fog lamp interrupt relay so now my fog lamps stay on with my high beams.

I just ordered a billet grille for the ex I hope it shows up fast. Once I get it on the debadging will be finished.

Well I finally had some time to replace the rear shocks. Now I just need to do the front 2.

I'll have to keep my eye out for you and I'll think twice before running you ... :D

LOL well it would be nice to meet some other explorer enthusiasts. Who knows about running them. If it happens it happens.

Well I installed new rear shocks and got a billet grill for the sport. Things are coming along.


Well here it is the installed grill. It is only a temp install until my body guy can repaint it.


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Well I dicited that the stock sub was not cutting it any more. So I did some upgrades.