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Anyone add a 5th wheel hitch to a Sport Trac?

The gooseneck mount usually attaches to the frame, so it could work.

A 4.0 with 4.10's with a BIG trans cooler could probably do OK.

The trans is certainly the weak point on those.

I heard stories of a guy pulling a bigger fifth wheel with a Ranger he put a 5.0 in :dunno:

Green is right these trucks need all the help they can get. Have you got the hitch yet? Look up Aldives Milage monster thread it has all of the upgrades you should make to these trucks. Gearing and a cool tranny are the main things you should think about.

Thanks for all the replies. I think with a 1st Gen ST (2nd Gen EX?) is not easy and might be a bad idea. I did look at the 2nd Gen's (3/4th Gen Ex) and it has the 4.6L 3v V8 -300hp they also come with 3.73sm Class III and 7,000lbs tow rating.
Plenty of power put the sticking point with those is the port hole for the drive shafts. Those gooseneck needs to mount where the diff is. I did find that my current Ex will work no problem on the 19ft. They even have a picture with a 3rd Gen.