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Anyone have water leaks inside the cab?

Just joined this very useful group today after buying a used 05 Sport Trac a week ago. I too could hear squishing under the rubber floor mat so over the weekend, I basically gutted the truck -removing both front seats & lifting the rears. There was a huge amount of water which has drained by knocking out the plastic floor plugs. The water logged foam insulation I basically ripped out in 3 large pieces & it's on it's 3rd day of drying in front of the wood stove. In short it's a Heck of an effort to get these vehicles dry after they have accumulated any quantity of water. Thanks to the info here I will first check the top mount light assembly for leaks b/c I know the water was coming in at the back behind the driver's side rear seat.

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Leaking Top Brake Light

Sure enough just like so many others in this thread, my top mount 3rd brake light had been leaking for who knows how long? Long enough to accumulate over an inch of water over the back floor. 4 days later I have it dried out & the underpad which is ripped out finally dried over the air tight last night. Today I will reinstall all & see if I can do so in a way that will keep any new leaks from seeping under the rubber matting -what a lot of work for such a stupid poorly designed light assembly -made a new gasket, replaced the bulbs & siliconed the whole thing together! Hopefully that was the only leak.

firewall leak

i have a leak that someone tried to fix with glass and tar can i get in there and fix it right do i have to take off the fenders or take apart my dash pleashelp

Have the same issue, discovered it today. 100 kilometers after the warranty expired. Fortunately it's a pretty small leak, wouldn't even have noticed it if I hadn't reclined the rear seats. I don't have carpets installed, so cleaning it out should be easy. Will take it to the dealer next week. Been a long-time customer so maybe they'll give me a break on the warranty.

they def should, I had them replace my whole headliner because the leak left a stain

Water leak in the headliner no sun roof

I have a water leak in the rear headline pass side. Has anyone had this issue. My sport trac is a 2003 XLT.

Did the leak cause the subwoofer to make noise even with the car off and drain the battery?

When I left the window open during a frog strangler the sub woofer and amp got wet. It caused the sub to make funny noises but I turned and left the stereo off until it dried out. I didn't have any battery draining problems.

2016 XLT Water leak. Seems like the right side roof rail is not sealed properly and leaked a lot of water onto the headliner. Noticed a damp spot - pulled the r/r door weatherstrip loose and out came a lot of water. This vehicle was built in March of 2016.

Appt at the dealer for Monday - will post the results.

Its your center brake light. A bead of silicone around the base will clean it right up. A better title for this thread would be "Anyone not have water in the cab?"

2016 XLT Water leak. Seems like the right side roof rail is not sealed properly and leaked a lot of water onto the headliner. Noticed a damp spot - pulled the r/r door weatherstrip loose and out came a lot of water. This vehicle was built in March of 2016.

Appt at the dealer for Monday - will post the results.

This discussion deals with leaks in the 2006-2010 Sport Trac. From your profile, it appears that you have a 2016 Explorer. I'd suggest you post your question in this thread: Water Leak. It's a discussion going clear back to 2011 about water leaks on the 2011-2016 Explorers.

My 2010 Adrenalin leaks the same as reported by others.

This is very good information to know, will do whats needed to prevent and or limited this issue, I know this is old. But great information to know either way.

I had the same problem -- third tail light. The dealer kindly replaced it free of charge, but now I am left with a cab full of water. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to dry out the matting below the plastic floor covering? It is going into the dealer tomorrow and they tell me that they will use a wet vac on it, but I'm not convinced that that will do the trick. Anyone else have any ideas? Thanks!
Yes I had the same problem and had to take all seats out and dried out metal and put matting out in sun for about a day. while I had every thing off the floor I put some noise damping material on floor before putting mating back in. Stapped a lot of road noise.

I have a 2007 Limited. yesterday it rained hard here in Florida and I noticed 1" of water in the tray behind the rear driver seat (just above the cubby). Further investigation found leaking all across the back not from the rear window but up in the roof. I removed the strip panel but can not locate the source of the water as it is coming in along the whole edge. Leaking multiple places. . .

Is there a recall/ dealer aware/ response on this issue?? - seems to be waaaay to common.

how can i access the sunroof tubes to see if they are clogged?
*also I will plan to check out the 3rd brakelight once we get a dry day.

Pulled this from the manual:

in the headliner. . .w0w. thanks man. . . I will check this now.

yesterday i pulled the 3rd brakelight off and resealed the screw holes and trim with silicone. Also I found a spot on the cab trim @corners. The quarter strip was cracked and had some minor roof damage so i gooped it up and slap the exterior quarter trim back on. (i dont really understand what that thing does or why it exist other than too leak. ) So i also silicone around it while on really well. I then inspectd the luggage rack but does not seem likely spot as it has good rubber and no visible wear.

I pulled out of my parking spot the other day, and heard a dripping noise; looked behind me, and saw that there was water leaking from the trim above the rear window (trim on the ceiling) onto the back of the rear seat.

Anyone experience this?

Im going to take it to the dealer today, hopefully they can seek it out.
I had the same problem. I left the bed light on over night & it cracked. Ordered a replacement from RockAuto. Easy Fix.