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Chopped B2-cage/sas/doubler project , AKA money pit

Well things are starting to wrap up on other projects and I miss my maroon SASd B2, but feel I'm ready for something with a little bit more occupant protection and less body work to mangle. So build thoughts and Ideas please share, this will take several months as money allows, have most parts accept DOM for cage.

Thought is to start with B2 frame, SAS it and custom cage it, but unsure of entire plan.


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August 31, 2008
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97 1 ton Jeep
Well I hate to admit, but after looking at $$$ i dont have and amount of time it will take to build, im just going to continue to part this rig out and not put it back together, I have since found a better deal for a starting point and when body gets trashed on it, i will tube body it, but Im redo are trails to be friendly to vehicles so body trashing shouldnt happen unless im making a new trail on our farm, but have dedicated rzr and chainsaw to that. But new build will be taking place. On vehicle I bought for donor parts for this truck, but way to nice to kill it!


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March 13, 2005
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Oh, well things were getting interested, untill the last post. Good luck in what ever you build.