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Diode Dynamics HID Users... come on in!


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March 16, 2007
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Cincinnati, OH
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2013 Explorer XLT
Any of you guys mind uploading a pic of where you mounted your Ballasts? I'm join to relocate mine here soon and want to see where others have theirs mounted. I would like to try to bolt them in, but not sure if that is possible yet.



January 16, 2015
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2015 Explorer XLT
Thanks for the help, I did get them to work, the polarity of the
plugins does vary, and you can reverse them to get there.

Now, I am going to adjust them, for effective use without bothering
other drivers. This is my wife's Explorer, and our first one, a 2015 since
March. I have already tried the 9005 bulbs to the brighter 9011's,
and that did not do it.

If Ford is watching, if you or I don't get the lights right, this will be our
first and last Explorer. :D. These are the worst headlights we have had
for 20 years. That includes many SUV's, and trucks, all GM.

I will let you all know about the result.

Edit to add: Just so some of you will know I am not a Ford basher, we
drove our 2002 T-Bird last night, the lights were normal and to be expected.