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Explorer rear axle?

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Ok, if don't mind I would like to still get together and measure to see what is different. I have 3:73 now which I thought I had 4:10s, I want to stay around stock gearing so I figured it up I am going from a 29 inch tire to 32.5 and from 3:73 to 4:10 should be real close right?

Don't waste your time regearing to 4.10's, honestly.
My 05 sport trac came stock with 4.10's and 255's. I'm running 33's now on the 4.10's, and it's okay for the most part, but I definitely wouldn't spend money to regear unless I went with 4.56 atleast. If you look at a gear calculator, going from stock tires with 4.10 gears to 33" tires with 4.56 brings you back to stock, or very close.
And 4.10's with stock tires was great. Definitely not too low, it was just right in my opinion. Remember that the SOHC engine needs higher revs to make HP, and is happier at high rpms.

Yeah, I have gotten by on my 4.10's. But there's plenty of times on the trail I wish I had higher gears so that I could run in 4x2 mode so that I wouldn't be stressing the front CV axles. But, I am sort of working on a solution to this. If I get it implemented, I will post about it.

Was that 90 dollar price because you know some one there or is that price for every joe off the street?