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F150 Target of New Class Action Lawsuit


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July 18, 1999
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F150 Target of New Class Action Lawsuit
Published: 13 July 2001
Robert Lane

The F150Online.com website is the hotspot for disgruntled F-Series owners who have gathered to exchange information on how they feel about Ford Motor Company possibly defrauding them by selling optional equipment; however, failing to install it on certain F-Series trucks.

The flag raising caught the attention of Milberg, a major class action law firm who, according to F-Series owners has filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Ford Motor Company this past April. Ben Kaufman at Milberg is the lead attorney handling the case. According to Milberg attorney Michael C. Spencer, David Rosenstein is handling media inquiries for the case.

1999-2000 model year F-Series owners are claiming that they ordered the optional trailer towing or SuperCooling package, both which Ford specified included a larger radiator. Many F-Series owners later found that Ford did not install the larger radiator as specified in the dealer's ordering books and Ford's sales literature.

The 1999-2000 standard F-Series radiators were single core units measuring 1.02" thick. When a 1999-2000 F-Series was ordered with a SuperCooling package, the radiator was upgraded to a two core, 2.2" thick radiator; however, in many instances the standard radiator was installed rather than the optional unit specified by Ford as part of the SuperCooling package.

To their credit, some Ford dealerships are replacing the standard radiators with the upgraded radiator without any cost to the consumer - but this may not be part of Ford's authorized policy since not all Ford dealers are replacing the radiators. Some F-Series owners were turned away as the Ford dealers point out that they are not authorized to make changes without Ford's approval. Certain dealers are instead, installing the upgraded radiators and billing them to Ford as a warranty replacement. Don't expect your dealership to take that type of action though.

In response to the inquiries by F-Series owners, Ford Motor Company issued the following statement:

DEARBORN, Mich., May 8. We recently discovered that some of our sales literature contained incorrect or out-of-date information. This is being corrected now. All the F-150 trucks with this special option package have the radiator capacity required for sufficient cooling, even under severe trailer towing conditions. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We apologize for any confusion or concern that this error may have caused. We are exploring what actions we can take to assure customer satisfaction.

# # #

According to Class members familiar with the lawsuit, Ford is said to be fighting the suit with the premise that they reserve the right to change specifications without notice. F-Series owners contend that paying for an upgraded part and receiving the base model part instead is unacceptable. One F-Series owner explained that under Ford's defense, Ford could install a smaller 4.6L V8 engine in a truck where a larger 5.4L V8 engine is advertised without penalty or notification. That same owner also said "I never thought Ford would treat their valued truck owners this way."


Whats everyone think of this, looks like Ford has another mess on their hands...


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November 10, 1999
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It's just too bad that FORD makes these messes. If I pay for an upgrade and don't get it and then FORD tells me they reserve the right to change that, well then they have another thing coming. What the heck is FORD thinking on this one???:rolleyes:


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September 17, 1999
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you know whats funny? My 2000 F-150 has the smaller radiator, and I've bitched and complained because heck ya the truck came with the trailer towing package, I think I deserve the upgraded radiator that was specified! It was actually brought to my attention on the f150online.com website of which I am a member, and I'm hoping to get it resolved.
The main thing I don't like is the word "sufficient". "Sufficient" is bull. Often, sufficient isn't good enough. We pay for better then sufficient which is why we upgraded to the trailer towing package, otherwise we would've just slapped on a hitch and ran the wiring back to the back.