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first time posting .....96 ford explorer awd eb 5.0 engine removal


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January 30, 2016
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Irwindale CA
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96 5.0 ford explorer
hey wats up fellas so im removing 5.0 out of the 96 explorer i recently purchased for 500 bucks with intentions to swap out the 5.0 motor the 8.8 rear and disk brakes ..into a 67 coupe mustang currently trying to so info on the transmission top bolts advice needed

im going to convert it back to carb using my grandpa Holley 750.
purchase a victor jr manifold 347 stroker kit ......and a fresh tremec t5z ....thoughts ?? i also need a cam and heads .ideas thanks

are you talking about the bellhousing bolts? two ways you can do it. first either take the upper intake off, and get in there with a flexible ratchet wrench. it will take some time, but doable. or, if you are going to be taking motor and trans out, you can unbolt the trans x member and tilt it downwards and you will be able to reach the top bolts with some extensions. just leave the bolts at the 9 and three o'clock position in so it wont drop on your head. also, if you didnt know, you will have to drop the front diff down and out to get at the motor mount blots, and you will also have tons of fun with the bolt holding the trans dip stick tube in.
heads, the gt 40 heads are decent for what they are already. only other thing you can do is go to alum heads (trickflow or afr). cams, it to is all depending on what you will want to do. you might want to call a few cam companies, let them know what you are planning and they will give you a off the shelf cam. but, you will also want to upgrade your valve springs, more so if you are keeping the gt40 heads.

Welcome. Any pics of your Mustang?.