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forced induction with no tune


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November 27, 2008
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Milan, IL Quad City area
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1998 XLT AWD
found some injectors on ebay for 50 dollars they are for a GM I assume they will not fit.

Will they work?

Are the stock injectors 14mm i dont want to go out and remove mine. These are 36 lbs

Are there any cars that i could find in the junk yard that would have at least 30 lb injectors. I know that 3.8 supercharged Pontiac's have 33 lb injectors. But that is GM again I don't know if it will fit.

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October 27, 2002
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Brownstown Twp, MI
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'01 Sport 4x4
Check the classifieds on (Mustang website) for injectors and pump. Should be able to find some low mileage parts for less than half the cost of new.

Last year, I bought some 42s for $120 and a 255 pump for $50. This year, I got a set of 60# injectors for $150. They were only installed and not even ran! Look around, good deals are out there. Check your local craigslist too.