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Getting prepared to do an engine and timing chains on a 4.0L

getting this thing buttoned up, must have the wrong front seal for the timing cover :(

Rock Auto said it was the right one, but its huge...



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doing the heart transplant this weekend, Ive been a ford guy forever, but I really hate this vehicle. How do you get the top 4 bellhousing bolts out? Thats my job this morning, then the engines ready to pull. The internals are so busted up the engine wont crank over enough to get all the torque converter bolts out, so Im going to have to pull it with the engine.

If it wasnt for rusty/stuck bolts, and just plain hard to get to bolts, the old engine would be on the floor yesterday!

removing bolts

I don't know about your 3rd generation but on my 2WD 2000 Sport I used wobble extensions working under the vehicles with the extensions above the exhaust system. That may not work on your vehicle. If the intake manifold is removed you can probably sit on the engine and get the top two bolts.

If the splash shields are removed you may be able to get the lower two bolts.

ok, I took the engine mounts off and lowered the motor as far as I could, then it wasnt as bad to reach, its all back together except for the intake, its full of metal chunks, I really wanted to get it started last night, but need to see if I can clean the intake out enough to trust it or not.. Ill upload some of the carnage pics from the last motor, haha.

Started saturday morning pulling the old motor, if it wasnt for a Christmas party sat evening, a couple hiccups, and the intake being full of metal I would have had it running last night, here is the carnage pics! Chunks of piston is what kept it from rotating for me.

This is how you pull motors:

Theres the problem

whatever came out even broke the starter

A few of the choice chunks

Once I figure out what to do with the intake I can complete this thing.

Yeah, its pretty bad, the new engine is in, only thing left to do is the intake, just have to get the intake clean of metal parts from when the old one blew, or buy another intake, not sure yet.. Going to try flushing it out and blowing it out to see how that goes

That big seal on the white collar is the upgraded rear main seal.

I have never seen a 4.0 sohc grenade like that yet, congrats!

Dangit, working on cleaning out the intake last night and noticed I lost an intake bolt and the rubber grommet thing that goes in the intake :/

looks like they sent the wrong intake gaskets? The origional ones are much thicker



They look right, the old ones are just swelled up from fuel vapors and oil.

Ok, been driving it for a couple days now, it just popped the CEL, P0171 and P0174, both banks running lean..

Ill spray around after work with some fluid to see if I can figure out where the leak is, those intake gaskets are all brand new last week...


Other than that it runs fine

took the intake off, everything was connected, I put the origional intake gaskets back in, as the new ones just didnt seem right to me, see how that goes... I sprayed all over with starting fluid and couldnt get it to rev or change....

Thanks, Ill be so happy when this thing goes away, definately making my mom get rid of hers, she had to have the timing chain guides fixed at under 80K..

starting fluid

The PCM control of the IAC valve to maintain the desired engine speed often reacts too fast to detect leaks using starting fluid. If the IAC valve connector is disconnected the chances are significantly improved but it's normally necessary to insert a thin spacer next to the throttle stop to keep the engine from stalling. In my opinion the only reliable and safe leak detector is a smoke machine. I've purchased all of the materials to build one but just can't seem to find the time. I hope installing the old gaskets solves your lean problem.

I drove it home with out the same problem, but it took a couple days until it popped the code, hoping to give the rig back Christmas day, so if nothing pops up till then, Ill assume its good to go.. fingers crossed.

Thanks for all your help btw, youve been a lifesaver.

ok, now it has a new problem, ugh... at idle in gear it surges really bad, guess Ill pull the intake off after work again and see what I can find in there.. Tinkering with it last night and it ran fine, so I dont get it.

ok, pulled the intake again, flipped the intake gaskets, put it back together, surging is gone, yay.. but it popped the p0171 and p0174 codes again, I cleared them and will see if they come back..

Vacuum line broke? Everything is hooked up, how the heck do I find the problem? There were zero codes before the old motor blew up.

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Struggling, Ive changed vacuum lines, didnt help, Im at a loss... Cant figure out where it could be getting air for both banks to run lean..