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help just got explorer


December 23, 2007
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Mobile Alabama
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2002 Ford Explorer XLT
i just bought and 2002 explorer xlt with 90,000 miles and my gas gauge isnt working and also my check gauge light is on so is there a good way to use my trip odometer as a gas judge until i get my gas gauge fixed if so give me so good methods

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what size tank and what motor do you have?

i have a 2002 with a v8 and the 22.5 gallon tank, i can get roughly 275 miles before i have to fill up. but it will depend on how you drive.

Well I get about 12.5 mpg roughly, I have a heavy foot at times. I swear I saw somewhere that the mpg off the showroom was only 17mpg. I hope this helps. I have a 92 Explorer here.

oh i have a v6 and 22.5 gallon tank

great news just went and started the xplorer and the check gauge light was off and the tank gauge was full so i take that as a blessing maybe it just took a while for the gas to go plus i did pump with the door open and the key in the ignition

Welcome to this forum!

Hope it keeps working for you

welcome to the site

Welcome to Explorer Forum! Mine is about 225 per fill up.

ok so last nite i told you all the needle moved to full and the check gauge light went off but the temp got to 19 degrees last nite and this morning the needle is stuck on e again and the check gauge light is on so i am assuming that the check gauge light can also mean low fuel to cause thats the only time it comes on is when the needle is on e so hopefully it will start working again

thanks for the welcomes