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High-mileage Preventative Maintenance Schedule


April 19, 2014
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'98 Explorer Limited
Hey guys, so I've really been using this forum a lot lately with bringing my '98 X up to speed after the previous owner didn't exactly take care of it. This site has a ton of great info, but I found it kind of difficult to find a full inclusive list of what types of things I should do to on the truck right away and at what intervals I should repeat such tasks.

I've slowly compiled my list of preventative maintenance tasks and intervals based off of a lot of searching on here to come up with at least a rough guideline for what and when to do stuff, so I figured I'd share it with everyone to help contribute to the forum since I'm sure many others search on here after purchasing a used Explorer.

Some of the intervals may seem a little low as responses on this forum varied quite a bit so I went with the lower numbers to err on the side of too often, but feel free to share if anything is way off or if I missed any important things to check/do. Hope this helps at least someone out there!

Check Tire Pressure (Fill When Needed) - Monthly
Change Oil and Oil Filter - 3,000 miles
Check Belt & Hoses (Replace When Needed) - 3,000
Wax Exterior Paint - 3,000
Clean Battery Terminals - 6,000
Rotate Tires - 6,000
Replace Air Filter - 12,000
Flush Power Steering Fluid - 15,000
Replace Windsheild Wipers - 15,000
Clean Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve - 20,000
Clean Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor - 20,000
Flush Brake Fluid - 20,000
Flush Engine Coolant - 20,000
Replace Fuel Filter - 20,000
Replace PCV Valve - 30,000
Flush Transmission Fluid - 40,000
Flush Front Differential Fluid - 50,000
Flush Rear Differential Fluid - 50,000
Flush Transfer Case Fluid - 50,000
Replace Spark Plugs - 60,000
Replace Spark Plug Wires - 120,000

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If I was that **** about my car it would last me 1 million miles!!!

Change your transfer case fluid interval to 15K, tire rotation to 4K, oil & filter to 4-5K, transmission to 30K, do battery water at 6K, grease ball joints at 3K, slip yoke at 7K, wiper blades at 10K.

Change your transfer case fluid interval to 15K,

So most we're pretty close, and there will be variances, I get that, but really the transfer case every 15k? Wow, I was way off on that. I'll add the ball joints and slip yoke (I don't eve know what that is yet) :) thanks!