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How many digits does your first gen odometer have?

91 and 92 XLT's, both 5 + tenths, both rolled over twice

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walterd140 said:
doing a quick yahoo search for ford explorer odometer digits
I found this quote on the first hit (another board... find it yourself out of respect for this site)
"Up until like 93 or some 94's they only had 5 digit speedometers. My 94, I think, was built in late 93 because it has a 5 digit speedo and some 94's have six digit. On a 92 it would be only 5. Good Luck"

My made early 94 (Feb I recall) which would be a 'late' 94 has 6 digits (just turned 100,000). The author states his is an early 94 (August + 93.... auto makers start the year in summer I believe, so a early 94 is built in summer 93)

I must add the Canada / America plant does add speculation to me. I know my truck is Canada, so it might be that as well. Too cold right now to dig though the glove box to find my VIN search results, so all this is just speculation at the moment. I'll check in the morning & repost (2nd shift bites)

ummm, mine is a 93 with 6 plus tenths

94 XLT, 5 + tenths

Aloha, Mark

My '93 sport has 98,000 only! The guy that owned it before me lived across the street from the business he owned.

I think it knows that its reaching 100,000 because everything is going wrong on it.

My 92 had a 5 digit, but I bought a 6 off ebay and swapped out the gauges in the cluster to get it to work. Works very well.