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Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

This morning I went to local Discount Tire Store location and turned in the Firestones. With about 16K miles on the Firestones, they gave me $40 credit per tire (their retail on new Firestones is about $60).

The 31 x 10.5 BFG A/T KO's went on without a hitch ('98 XLT 4 x 4), including the spare, and the look is outstanding!


Tire Fitment 31 x 10.5


Weird about your fit problem. No, I just have an XLT too, but a '98. Perhaps when they updated the bumper (to round foglamps) they changed the bumper style somehow? I haven't had any rub, though worst test to date has been Pismo Beach, and not in the dunes, just on the beach. Glad the Discount Tire gig worked out so well! Now I'm just waiting for a rebate check from Firestone

sphaugh: I wouldn't think that Michelin makes BFGoodrich, but I don't know for sure.

Nowshon: you could be right about the bumper being different, although I had to trim the part of the plastic behind the wheel. That could be that my plastic is bowing out more than yours.

I will put up some pics soon.


yeah, that's what I've heard from a couple of people now. another consolidation, I suppose.