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Need help picking a sub

I'll pay whatever for em.

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alright, i did see one guy on here was parting a truck out.

I'll track some down

I also have the Infiniti's and like them alot.

and i love my jbls- that are the same

i don't think you can go wrong with infinity/jbl

I have 1 JL w1 10' and it cost 100$ at my local sterio shop, it thumps hard and takes very little juice to push it. i have 1 amp (400 watts) that runs my highs and lows, so i only have 200 watts to the sub and its almost to much power. i constantly get comments and how my stereo system sounds... of course my highs are all mb quarts, that helps too. JL i the way to go, simply put. My best friend was a stereo installer for a high end place called Rolling Thunder in San Rafael CA, he's done stereos for superstars. So thats where my opinion comes from.

Update... received my order today from Crutchfield. I carefully removed the sub from its box and was shocked to see that 2 of the rubber surround segments between the mounting holes were not bonded properly to the metal basket. I called Crutchfield and they are sending another out to me tomorrow morning, and paying the return shipping on the defective unit. Now that is what I call top notch service. Boy am I glad I did not shop on ebay because now I would be screwed. Hopefully the replacement will be good to go!


Crutchfield's service is great.

Unfortunately the Perfects are very succeptible to damage. I had a tear in the surround on my first one, and the second one kinda fell apart. The Perfects were out of stock when I sent mine back though, so I ended up with my new amp instead :)

Thankfully there is a 3 yr warranty if I have any trouble with it.

hey expo, i was thinkin of getting some jbl's,

what do you think of the GTO1204D's?

I have RF stage 1 12's in a simple prefab box now

i was wondering if the JBL bandpass box is a good idea, which comes loaded with the gto's above^.

i'd only get the bandpass box if its truly better for the subs, cuz it is a bit expensive once you take out hte cost of the two subs ($200)


afterthought: What about Boston G2-12's? hmm..any comments?

i really prefer the jbl's to anything boston. I'm not sure what you are really looking for sound wise, but that sub is pretty flexible for sq or spl. I'd have to know what else would be in your system in order to recommend a box. I don't think that box is worth what they want for it though.

I run gto's in my sq installation in my audi. 2 10s in a 1.5 cubic foot fiberglass box where my spare tire used to be. I am very, very pleased with them.

well sq is a primary objective. something to sound great when played at normal volumes. something to go boom when it needs to, but nothing for competition or anything like that. sql perhaps. is ur fiberglass box built to the jbl specs for the gto's?

the specs are a "range"- and yes it is built within the range.

what're you using to power those badboys?

i'm running a the jbl 755.6 amp in that car to power everything. They get loud enough for a daily driver with just that amp. I am pleasantly surprised- as i've been mainly only installing subs/amps with 10x that much power or more recently.