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October 2012 TOTM - On The Trail

Here is my rig!


Buckman's Ridge Trail

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great pic suicide! one day ill make it to MOAB. one day.

all the pics on here are awesome. i wish i went wheeling more often with other enthusiasts, its usually just me and my gf when we are hittin the trail. otherwise i would have more action shots of my rig doing work instead of the ones where i make it pose.

I'm surprised there aren't more pictures on this thread.

I love this pic, just wish I had my full truck in it


Whipsaw Trail, BC

Hey guys. I will have the voting thread up tonight. I am at a lectirship for school and have some time after 9 pm thanks

Standing by.............................:popcorn:


Ill start with this picture. Have a lot left to look through.


Sorry guys. I'm on my way home now. I could not get my phone to do the poll right so it had to wait. I was not going to pay 10 bucks for internet at the hotel.

Understood. :popcorn: